[build status]Computers, LCD monitors, plasma-panel TV etc sets at the unique low prices.

Good morning.

Please read this email to the end because only now you have this unique opportunity to buy electronic goods  at the UNIQUE LOW PRICES! Primary goods set we can offer you includes computers, portable computers, LCD monitors, digital cameras, plasma-panel TV sets, and laser printers. Visit our site http://www.ldsc-online.com and you will be pleasantly surprised with just ridiculous prices. We are used to approach our work so as our customers will be satisfied and will visit us again so you will be pleasantly surprised the goods quality and the service rate.

Just have a look at these prices and compare them with the prices of other online shops!

Notebook VAIO FRV ( 2.8GHz, P4, 512MB, 40GB, DVD/CDRW, Windows Xp Home, 15" TFT) $ 719.00
Olympus C-750 Ultra Zoom (4MP, 2288x1712, 10x Opt, 16MB xD- Picture Card) $ 307.00
Samsung 191T Black (19", 1280x1024, 294mm) $ 429.00

Just visit us and you won't regret it! We are sure you will like it.

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