return of the living dead^W^W gnome milestone!

So... in the last round of bugzilla customizations, andrew boldly[1]
added a gnome target milestone field. The definition of this field
( says:

        This field describes the version of GNOME that a bug should be
        fixed in. This is not a 'it would be nice' field- it's intended
        for use by senior-ish bug triagers and the release team.

In other words, 'this means GNOME won't ship if there are bugs open on
the 2.10.0 milestone.'[2]

It's not been used that way recently, from looking at:

This is not really anyone's fault, it isn't like bugsquad has been
screaming appropriately about 2.8, and it is easy to get confused given
the # of fields. That said, now I'm going to crack down so we can get
this right for GNOME 2.10.

During the week, I'll be cleaning out this list. Maintainers[3], if
you've been using the GNOME milestone as a personal 'I should do this
before 2.10', that's... not right :) I'll help you add any necessary
milestones to the per-product milestones, and move bugs over.

Anyway, just a heads up- I expect in the near future to issue both
praise for maintainers who help me clean up, and nagging for those with
lots of nasties on their lists :)

As a side note, I'm moving lots of bugs from the 2.7/2.8 GNOME Version
field to the 2.9/2.10 version field, after verifying as much as possible
that they are relevant to 2.9. Hopefully others will be able to join in,
and hopefully maintainers will be able to query on 2.9/2.10 bugs:

to see what they should focus on for the upcoming release.

Luis, back from the dead too

[1] support the cause, buy the shirt:

[2] We mean it. Really. :)

[3] Davyd, I love you, but yes, this means you. Don't worry, you won't
be lonely, I love lots of maintainers. Sometimes it is a harsh, killing
love, though.

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