Re: sorry i ask maybe something stupid here !


   I have had little success with garnome on Gentoo linux; depending on
your distribution, you may have different results.  If everything did
in fact compile fine, then it might be a path issue or such.

In response to your question about other ways to build GNOME, you can
try jhbuild.  Instructions for doing so are located at:

I have had more luck with jhbuild on gentoo.  There are also some other
resources for problems occurring with jhbuild here:


Also, if you are more specific about the error you are seeing when
running startx, and the contents of your .xinitrc then someone may be
able to help you.


Serban Nicolae wrote:
Hy i'm tring to try the gnome 2.11 and i get the garnome BUT no works for me !

for example i cd in ~/garnome-2.11.91/desktop and i run command ,,make paranoid-install'' i write the script from README i put to execute them in .xintrc but when i try to run startx ! :((( failure !!! don't find gnome-session !!!! :((((

PLs it is another method i can obtaine gnome 2.11 ??? another than garnome !

Thank you and i hope i don't disturb you so much ! :)
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