a new tool for bug-hunters

hi everyone,

This list has been very quiet it seems.

I would like to resurrect the gnome bug-hunting activities...

Especially as we are gearing for Gnome 2.0, it would be great to clear
out as many gnome 1.x bugs as possible.

We can now see the mostfrequently reported bugs per module:

Please use this report to look for bugs to fix.

If you just want to help with the triage (identification of common
bugs), then you can use this page to see where we are marking all the

Often the key bug report with all the duplicates has already been
closed, so it's hard to find. This report all shows the RESOLVED
frequent lists, so you can see the popular bugs that have already been

So we would welcome people just going through bug reports looking for
duplicates or helping ppl diagnose problems. If you don't have access to
mark a duplicate, simply make a comment about the duplicate in the bug
report long description (give the number of course), and someone else
will mark the duplicate for you.

Don't forget the good old:

it is also a helpful script.

So lets get bug hunting. Kjartan Marass has been closing/resolving
hundreds of bugs on his own (he is a machine), we should give him a
hand. :)


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