GNOME 2.10: Release Bash

"Oh look, it's a bunch of gnomes. They are throwing a party..."

As is traditional of my organisational style, this is completely ad-hoc,
unorganised and given on an absolute minumum of advance notice. However...

GNOME 2.10 comes out on Wednesday, however due to our rather advanced timezone,
it makes more sense to go drinking on Thursday. This is the 3rd such event of
this nature that we've held, and it always turns out to be a whole heap of fun.

Once again, it will be held at the Nedlands Park Hotel (aka, Steves), Broadway,
Nedlands. I could mention something like "newly refurbished", but I don't know.
It was closed for a while, but I haven't been since it reopened.

People will probably be there from around 8pm-ish this Thursday (the 10th of

Expressions of interest, more details, and wiki mayhem:

Please forward this on to anyone you think might be interested.

Davyd Madeley    

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