======================== is a casual get together for GNOME lovers in Australia to meet
with their favourite hackers and discuss all things GNOMEy. Please let us
know you're coming by adding your name to the wiki page.

It will be held on Tuesday, April 19th 2005, in the circuitous city of
Canberra, in co-operation with Australia's premier Free Software and Open
Source developer's conference,! Check out their site for all
the details on the main conference. It's going to be a blast yet again! Note
that you must be attending to be part of the fun
(not that you'd seriously consider missing the main event).

Finally, if you're in Australia, and love GNOME, join gnome-au-list today!

- Jeff

UbuntuDownUnder: April 25th-30th            
    "GNOME, launched specifically to counter a threat to our freedom, is
       the free software project par excellence." - Richard Stallman

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