gnome-games 2.14.0

gnome-games 2.14.0

This is it! The grand 2.14.0 release of gnome-games!

The BIG changes:
 - There is a new high score system. Mines, Five or More, Mahjongg,
   Same GNOME and Gnometris use it. Most of the changes are behind the
   scenes, but there is a new high-score dialog and you now have the
   opportunity to change the name recorded in the high score list.
 - gnome-stones has been removed. Serious copyright issues were raised 
   about the origins of some of the code and levels. Given the earlier 
   sound effects problems and the general lack of maintenance the best
   course of action was euthanasia.
 - Gnometris and Ataxx have new drawing engines. The old themes are no
   longer usable (although this may change in the future).

Other changes:

 - You can enable or disable compilation of individual games.
 - You can use Apple's Bonjour library for zeroconf support. Avahi
   is not yet supported (the code is just about ready).

 - New games: Gaps, Block Ten, Cruel, King's Audience, Athena,
   Aunt Mary and Saratoga. 
 - A more useful card-compression algorithm.
 - A French translation of the documentation.
 - Middle button acts as a double-click.

 - New graphics engine.

 - New level system. There is no upper limit, but the game never stops
   getting faster.
 - New graphics engine.
 - New options for beginners: show where the piece will land.	

 - New AI code.

 - New, better, documentation.

 - New graphics.

And lots and lots of bug fixes.

Minor changes since the 2.13.8 release:

 - Remove the threaded hint code for Freecell because of portability
   with threads in all but the most recent guile releases.
 - Fix the double-click code in Freecell to not make potentially bad

 - Finally finish the new documentation.
 - Relicense the documentation under a dual GPL/GFDL license.

 - Allow alphabetical keys to be used as controls.

 - Fix the bug when you enter your name in the high score list and the
   isn't centered properly.

You can find it at:


 - Callum

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