Subversion migration postponement

Hi people,

Due to a couple of spanners in the works whilst preparing for the
migration, the CVS to Subversion migration scheduled for 17th March will
be postponed until further notice.

The first spanner was that James Henstridge spotted inconsistencies in
the history of some of the subversion modules generated in the last test
migration. This appears to be due to the fact that there were several
cases of clock-skew on the CVS server during it's running life. In some
modules, viewing the history shows that there were several commits that
occurred before the initial CVS commit. In other words, the ordering of
the change-sets is incorrect.

So, I updated to the latest version of cvs2svn and wrote a patch that is
intended to improve the was dates are 'adjusted' when the script
encounters clock-skew in the CVS history. I have a feeling it improves
the situation, but I haven't had a chance to test it, due to the second

The second spanner is that container, our CVS (and to-be Subversion)
server, is still running python2.2. Since I first started planning this
migration (back in Aug/Sep), the cvs2svn code has moved on a fair bit,
and includes some useful new features (e.g. storing the CVS version
number for each revision as a subversion property). Unfortunately, it
now requires python2.3, and I've been unsuccessful so far in getting a
newer version of python working on container for various reasons

So, I will need a little more time to prepare and test things. Sorry for
the slippage and the anti-climax :)


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