ANNOUNCE: gnome-gpg 0.4.0

Gnome-gpg 0.4.0 is now available at the following location:

Gnome-gpg is a wrapper for the "gpg" command line tool that uses a Gnome
password dialog, and gives the option to save the passphrase in the
Gnome keyring for future invocations.

The main improvements in this release include:

    * use the --status-fd/--command-fd interface to gpg, which results
      in the following user visible changes:
         1. correctly handle signing with multiple keys.
         2. recover if the wrong passphrase is entered.
         3. removes the need to guess which key's passphrase is being
            requested from the arguments to gpg.
    * the passphrase dialog is now a transient of the terminal that
      launched it.  This means that it will pop up on the same workspace
      as the terminal, and not get obscured by the terminal.
    * hide the anonymous/authenticated radio buttons in the passphrase


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