Agave release 0.4.0 now available (formerly GNOME Colorscheme)

A new Agave release 0.4.0 is now available.  Agave is the application
formerly known as GNOME Colorscheme.

What is it?
Agave is a very simple application for the GNOME desktop that
allows you to generate a variety of colorschemes from a single starting color.

It is aimed primarily toward web designers for creating pleasing color
combinations for websites.

More information can be found at

Where to get it?
This release is available as a source package in tar.gz or tar.bz2 format
and can be downloaded from:
   which can be verified with:

   which can be verified with:

What's Changed?
   * Renamed application to Agave
   * Colors in favorites list can now be renamed
   * Added Catalan translation (thanks Xisco)
   * Make the rgb(...) and hsv(...) color descriptions lowercase

   * Bump gtkmm requirement to 2.8.0 (bug # 5665)
   * Display triads scheme at startup (fixed #5699)
   * Set sensitivity of 'remove' and 'clear favorites' buttons at startup

   * Added a configure switch to enable more compiler warnings
(including werror)
   * Add a debug mode switch to (no optimizations)


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