Zenity 2.13.4 - Arantina

Hi all,

What is it?
This is zenity - a rewrite of gdialog, the GNOME port of dialog
which allows you to display dialog boxes from the commandline
and shell scripts. If you understand, things are just as they
are. If you don't understand, things are just as they are.

What's new?
    * New scale dialog for selecting a value from
      a range [Lucas]
    * All dialogs are now HIG compliant [Christian Persch]
    * Now use GtkAboutDialog [Lucas]
    * New and updated translations
        - Theppitak Karoonboonyanan [th]
        - Ignacio Casal Quinteiro [gl]
        - Ankit Patel [gu]
        - Marcel Telka [sk]
        - Francisco Javier F. Serrador [es]
        - Luca Ferretti [it]
        - Takeshi Aihana [ja]
        - Vincent van Adrighem [nl]
        - Adam Weinberger [en_CA]
        - Funda Wang [zh_CN]
        - Ilkka Tuohela [fi]
        - ¿ygimantas Beru¿ka [lt]
        - Kjartan Maraas [nb, no]

Where can I get it?

Source code:

md5sum: 84b052082d7155e69fee12e62628903c

md5sum: f869345f53c716f0174fe414259493c1

p eace


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