Re: [Gossip-dev] ANNOUNCE: Gossip 0.10

On Sat, 2006-02-18 at 11:22 +0000, Martyn Russell wrote:
> Gossip 0.10 is now available for download from:
> MD5Sum:
> 57a3a1a84ca4451868df2f151bae50aa  gossip-0.10.tar.bz2
> 05df8ab6e49a096a8d59dcaf96d69fc1  gossip-0.10.tar.gz

> What's New
> ==========
> - Added support for changing topics in group chat (Martyn).
> - Added support incoming message sound if your name is used in group
> chat (Martyn).
> - Reworked the chat code in places and added the beginnings of a theme
> engine (Richard).
> - Reworked the group chat join code (Martyn).
> - Reworked the group chat configuration to use an XML file (Martyn).

Just to let people know, there are some big changes in the way accounts
and chat rooms are saved and used.  


Chat rooms are now associated with accounts (so they can connect on
start up).

You may need to add your chat rooms back (they should still exist in


If you find that you can't connect because of this critical warning:

        ** CRITICAL **: lm_connection_authenticate: assertion
        `resource != NULL' failed

I suggest you change your ~/.gnome2/Gossip/accounts.xml and make sure
that each <id> tag has a FULL Jabber ID, for example,
<id>someone server org/home</id>.  The resource ("home") is the
important part which has changed.

Any problems, we will be happy to discuss this further on the gossip-dev
mailing list.


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