GNOME 2.14 Beta 2 (2.13.91) Released!

GNOME 2.14.0 Beta 2
Can you feel it? It's getting nearer. Nearer. Nearer. You should feel it
now. You should even be able to hear it. And see it. Look! Here it is!
Another release full of yummy contributions.

We are pleased to announce the delicious release of tasty GNOME 2.14.0
Beta 2 (2.13.91). This is one of the last delicate releases in the
delectable 2.13 development series and represents a toothsome release
that is now API/ABI, feature, string and UI frozen. This means that
we're pretty close to the succulent final 2.14.0 release. The delightful
GNOME contributors are now busy fixing the most important nectareous
bugs that are still out there, localizing the whole pleasant-tasting
desktop or updating our scrumptious documentation.

You can still make a peachy difference and contribute to the shiniest
GNOME release ever! Do you see all the stunning 2.13.91 tarballs? Go
download them. Go compile them. Go test them. And go hack on them,
document them, translate them, fix them.

The exquisite release notes that describe the juicy changes between
2.13.90 and 2.13.91 are available. Go read them to learn all the lovely
goodness of this release:

platform -
desktop  -
admin    -
bindings -

Basic ambrosial stats:

admin 2.13.91 statistics:
  tar.gz:   780K        total
  tar.bz2:  608K        total

bindings 2.13.91 statistics:
  tar.gz:   22M total
  tar.bz2:  15M total

desktop 2.13.91 statistics:
  tar.gz:   162M        total
  tar.bz2:  117M        total

platform 2.13.91 statistics:
  tar.gz:   50M total
  tar.bz2:  35M total

The GNOME 2.13.91 release is available here:

platform sources -
desktop  sources -
admin    sources -
bindings sources -

To compile it, you can use GARNOME (will be released soon), or the
jhbuild modulesets available at:


This release is a feature, user interface, and string frozen snapshot
primarily intended for wide public scrutiny before the final GNOME
2.14 release in March. GNOME uses odd minor version numbers to indicate
development status. Please check the 2.13 page for more info:

Happy testing!


Les gens heureux ne sont pas press�

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