[ANNOUNCE] Gnome-utils 2.13.92 - "Gnome-utils vs. Bugzilla"


Gnome-utils 2.13.92 - "Gnome-utils vs. Bugzilla" - is out.

This is the eight release of gnome-utils in the unstable gnome 2.13
series, and the third beta release for the incoming 2.14 version.

This is unstable software, which means you should install it on every
computer you can find, especially that server which everyone relies upon
at work.  For added fun, remember to run everything as root.  Try
also removing random files while removing the power cord of the
computer, and see what happens.

It is available at :


* What is it ?

Gnome-utils is a collection of useful utilities for the GNOME desktop
that make your life easier, including:

 * GNOME Search Tool
 * GNOME Dictionary
 * GNOME Floppy
 * GNOME Log Viewer
 * GNOME Screenshot

* What's new ?

In the ongoing effort for making Gnome-utils stable and useful a whole
lot of bugs from the list has been fixed for good.

In order to avoid having more bugs popping out inside gnome-utils, the
Bugsquad has been bribed to randomly change the module in the remaining
bugzilla reports in order to achieve the perfect "Zarro bugs" state for
gnome-utils.  I strongly encourage other maintainers to do the same: we
can always move Gnome bugs to KDE - I'm sure they won't mind.

Details follow.

GNOME Utilities 2.13.92 (February 12th 2006) - "Gnome-Utils vs.

GNOME Search Tool


GNOME Dictionary

    * Fix bug 329126 - warn the user if a file with the same name
      of the data directory is found.
    * Fix bug 329941 - support look up of multiple words from the
      command line.
    * Fix bug 329650 - avoid misplacing of the applet's window.
    * Fix bug 330782 - make the dictionary server response parsing
      a bit more robust.

GNOME Screenshot

    * Fix bug 170171 - translate file name when saving by drag'n'drop.
    * Fix bug 329296 - warn when using a wrong command line argument.

GNOME Floppy

    * Fix bug 329799 - fix HAL include path.

GNOME Log Viewer

    * Code base clean up patch [Paolo Borelli].

Translations updates:

    bg [Rostislav Raykov], ca [Josep Puigdemont],
    es [Francisco Javier F. Serrador], fi [Ilkka Tuohela],
    gl [Ignacio Casal Quinteiro], gu [Ankit Patel], nb [Øivind Hoel]
    nl [Tino Meinen], pt_BR [Raphael Higino],
    sr [Слободан Д. Средојевић], th [Theppitak Karoonboonyanan],
    zh_CN [Funda Wang]

Emmanuele Bassi - <ebassi gmail com>
Log: http://log.emmanuelebassi.net

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