Subversion migration schedule (cut-off Fri 18 Mar)

Hi guys,

I'm sure it will all come as a bit of a shock to some of you, but CVS
will shortly be reaching retirement age. He has agreed to stay on until
after the 2.14.0 final release, but will shortly afterwards be heading
into retirement to enjoy his gold watch and lump sum. I am sure all of
you that have worked with him since the project began will (cough)
dearly miss working with him (cough), and will join me in thanking him
for his many years good service to our community.

And so, for those of you wondering who you will soon be reporting your
changes to, I'd like to introduce Subversion, whom I have been training
personally over the last few months as a replacement. Many of us will
have worked with Subversion before on other projects, but for those of
you that haven't, I can assure you he is a pleasure to work with,
particularly if you don't have much bandwidth or often hack offline.


The cut-off date for CVS write access will be Friday 18th March 2006 at
23:59UTC. No more CVS commits after that point. CVS read access will
remain available via anonymous pserver for another month, although will
*not* contain any live updates that are applied to Subversion.

The most recent test migration took 3 days and 3 hours to convert every
single GNOME module from CVS to Subversion. However, as soon as a module
has been migrated, it will be available for read and write access via
Subversion. So, I am hoping to run the migration in such an order that
the more active/important modules are migrated first, and will be
available within the first few hours of the migration. Any advice on a
strategy for preparing the module list in such an activity/importance
order would be appreciated (via gnome-infrastructure gnome org, pls).
Maybe I could start taking requests, like a radio DJ? :)

Anyway, I have attempted to fill in as much detail and answer as many
other questions as possible here:

If I've missed anything, or anyone can see any showstopper problems, or
they don't like the proposed cut-off date (or my shoes), please use the
wiki, or let us know via gnome-infrastructure gnome org and we'll see
what we can do.

Thanks, and get back to work.


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