GNOME 2.13.90 "if (!pain) return EAGAIN" Released!

The GNOME Release Team is happy to announce First beta release off the
2.13.x development branches, GNOME 2.13.90 aka "if (!pain) return

With this release we're entering the UI freeze period which means that
no changes in the user interface should be done without approval from
the release team. Mail any changes to release-team gnome org for review
and we prefer png's to a 1000 line patch to some XML file :-)

We're also past the point where developers were supposed to document all
new APIs, so if anyone feel guilty here they should rush ahead and
commit their outstanding work to CVS ASAP ;-)

Known issues:

-cairo fails to build with Fedora Core rawhide and possibly earlier test
releases/rawhide combinations. See for a patch if needed.

- libxklavier doesn't build because the tarball uses -Werror even though
there are compiler warnings in there that makes it abort the build. You
can edit libxklavier/libxklavier/Makefile to get rid of -Werror

- yelp doesn't build with some versions of libbeagle. Please use
--with-search=basic to get around this problem if it affects you.

- dbus fails to build in some situations when Pyrex is installed. See
for a workaround

- control-center needs to be passed --enable-gstreamer=0.10 to build.
Rumours are that it works without forcing the version of you have 0.8.x

- dasher doesn't build on Fedora Core rawhide at least. Probably related
to the GCC snaps that are shipped there. Should build with GCC 3.4.4 and
is fixed in CVS.

- fast-user-switch-applet may need help to find the config file for GDM.
Use --with-gdm-config=FILE to show it where that lives.

There's a list of general issues and dependencies here:


News for the respective release sets are here:

Please file bugs in

Elijah and Kjartan: "release team officers on duty"

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