[Announce] PyGooCanvas 0.4.0

I am pleased to announce version 0.4.0 of the Python bindings for Goocanvas.

This is the first release and it's available at:


Contributors for this release:

 - Gian Mario Tagliaretti (module creation, coding, documentation)
 - Gustavo J.A.M. Carneiro (coding)
 - Edward Hervey (coding)
 - Brendan Howell (feedback and bug reporting)


 Goocanvas [1] is a canvas widget for GTK+, It is similar in many ways to
 FooCanvas, hence the name, but it uses cairo for rendering, it has a
 model/view split, and uses interfaces for items & views (so you can
 easily turn any application object into a canvas item or view).

 Pygoocanvas is a wrapper which exposes the goocanvas API to the
 python world, it's fairly complete, most of the API are covered.

 The documentation is a work in progress.

 Like the GTK+ library, PyGTK and Goocanvas itself Pygoocanvas is
 licensed under  the GNU LGPL, so is suitable for use in both
 free software and proprietary applications.

Pygoocanvas requires:

 - Goocanvas >= 0.4.0
 - PyGObject >= 2.10.1 (2.11.3 to build the docs)
 - PyGTK >= 2.8.4
 - PyCairo >= 1.2.0

Bug reports should go to https://developer.berlios.de/bugs/?group_id=6813

[1] http://sourceforge.net/projects/goocanvas
Gian Mario Tagliaretti

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