Mathusalem 0.0.4


* What is it?

This is the 0.0.4 release of Mathusalem, the upcoming long running task
manager for Gnome [1]. This release is also the last one in the context of the Summer of Code.


This version features:
 - Nautilus integration via extension.
 - Improved Epiphany integration.
 - Use GtkStatusIcon (now depends on GTK 2.10).
 - Fix task list positioning.
 - Only show the status icon when there is an active task.
 - Show a notification bubble on task completion/failure.
 - D-Bus API changes:
   - New FileTransfer.GetFilesForDirectory method.
   - New FileTransfer.FileAdded method.OB
   - New Factory.ListTasks(ForInterface) method.
 - Misc improvements and bug fixes.

* Where can I get it ?

The tarball can be found here:
md5sum: f21c30ac72dc7c98808d8bc0ec8f1817

You can also find the needed D-Bus patch here:
(note that this one didn't change since the last release)

And a proof-of-concept implementation patch for Epiphany here:

* Development

The git repository still lives at the same location than ever:


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