vte-0.12.1 released

Vte-0.12.1 is available for download at:


Vte is GNOME 2's virtual-terminal emulation widget.

This is the second stable release in the 0.12 series.

Overview of changes between 0.12.0 and 0.12.1:

	Bug 328850 – Crash when pasting selection
	Bug 160134 – mouse events occurring past column 95 are not passed
	             through to terminal application
		     New public function vte_terminal_feed_child_binary
	Bug 135230 – Feature request to attach VTE to existing pty
	             New public function vte_terminal_set_pty
	Bug 144456 – UK pound currency symbol rendered incorrectly
	Bug 337552 – Insufficient version requirement for gtk+
	Bug 336128 – vim scrolling issues - emulation errors
	Bug 334385 – Use intltool
	Bug 104841 – scrolling doesn't work inside "screen" windows
	Bug 333768 – vteapp debug stuff should be conditional

Behdad Esfahbod
23 April 2006

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