gnome-games-extra-data 2.14.0

gnome-games-extra-data 2.14.0

I usually start these things off by saying that this release was timed
to match the gnome-games 2.14.0 release. Unfortunately that would be a
complete lie. It is horrendously late and 2.14.1 has already been
released. On top of that you don't even need gnome-games 2.14, 2.12
will do just fine (and probably 2.10 as well, some of it will even
work with 2.0).

So, here it is, the latest release of the extra themes for
gnome-games. There are two great new themes here.

First up is Nicu Buculei's "Ornamental" card theme. It is slick,
cheerful and gorgeous. You can find more card themes on his web site

Second up is the "Matrix" Same GNOME theme from Adam and Filip
Dominec. It's actually quite hard to play with this theme, but it is
awesome eye candy.

Get it from:


 - Callum

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