Re: [Gqclient-discuss] GQ LDAP client 1.0 RC 1

Sven Herzberg skrev:


Tested on RHAS4 update 3 and OpenLDAP 2.3.20, works well and is stable.
Built rpm on RHAS4 with a slightly modified version of the Mandriva spec
(attached, should also work for Fedora Core 3 and up) - if you want
support for OL 2.3's cn=config on-the-fly editing, you'll probably have
to use my tiny context patch (also attached). Red Hat/Fedora people will
have to get Mandriva's extra rpm macro support (see which is also
needed for building Mandriva OL 2.3 rpms on RHAS3/4 and other Mandriva

GQ 1.0 RC 1
GQ 1.0 RC 1 is the first release candidate for the 1.0 release. Please
test it, play with it and report any bugs that you find. The next
version is supposed to be released in 2 weeks.

 * fix the object class browser to open all attributes on double-click

This is really useful ...

 * made about text configurable

Don't know what this is ...

 * build correctly with OpenLDAP 2.1 and 2.2

And 2.3 ...

 * SASL authentication fixed

Andreas Hasenack had already published a working patch for this
(beta01). I note that the other Mandriva patches for ITS bugs are no
longer necessary :)

 * general code improvements (warnings, for loops, etc.)

For the record, beta01 is running in production at my 1200+ user site
with a 4 RHAS4 servers, one OL 2.3.20 master and 3 2.3.20 delta syncrepl
slaves and copes well with the delta syncrepl cn=changelog facility. I
honestly couldn't manage without GQ. So, many thanks for the initiative,
Sven. Hope you stay with it for a *long* time.


Tony Earnshaw
Systeembeheer, Barlaeus Gymnasium, Amsterdam

No man can hear his telephone ring without
wishing heartily that Alexander Graham Bell
had been run over by an ice machine ...
--- gq-1.0beta1/src/prefs.c.orig	2006-02-18 14:48:58.613466552 +0100
+++ gq-1.0beta1/src/prefs.c	2006-02-18 14:49:37.916491584 +0100
@@ -663,7 +663,7 @@
 			  S_("tooltip|This base DN gets used in search mode, "
 			     "usually "
 			     "though, this application queries the server "
-			     "for its 'namingContexts'")
+			     "for its 'Contexts'")
 #if GTK_MAJOR >= 2
      gtk_label_set_mnemonic_widget(GTK_LABEL(label), entry);
--- gq-1.0beta1/src/util.c.orig	2006-02-18 14:50:07.614976728 +0100
+++ gq-1.0beta1/src/util.c	2006-02-18 14:53:09.471330360 +0100
@@ -1795,7 +1795,7 @@
      int num_suffixes = 0;
      char **vals;
      char *ldapv3_config[] = {
-	  "namingcontexts",
+	  "configcontexts",
@@ -1815,7 +1815,7 @@
      if(msg == LDAP_SUCCESS) {
 	  e = ldap_first_entry(ld, res);
 	  while (e) {
-	       vals = ldap_get_values(ld, e, "namingcontexts");
+	       vals = ldap_get_values(ld, e, "configcontexts");
 	       if (vals) {
 		    for(i = 0; vals[i]; i++) {
 			 suffixes = g_list_append(suffixes, g_strdup(vals[i]));

%define release %(release="`rpm -q --queryformat='.%{VERSION}' redhat-release 2>/dev/null`" ; if test $? != 0 ; then release="`rpm -q --queryformat='.%{VERSION}' fedora-release 2>/dev/null`" ; if test $? != 0 ; then release="" ; fi ; fi ; echo "$release")

%define name	gq
%define version 1.0
%define rel rc1
%define	realver	%{version}%{rel}

%define section Applications/Databases
%define title   Gq

Name:		%{name}
Version:	%{version}
Release:	%{rel}.1%{release}
Summary:	GQ is a GTK-based LDAP client
License:	GPL
Source2:	%name-icons.tar.bz2
#Patch:		gq-ol22.patch.bz2
# from gq sourceforge bug tracker #1184399
#Patch1:		gq-1.0beta1-gcc4.patch.bz2
#Patch2:		gq-1.0beta1-sasl.patch-2.bz2
Patch3:		gq-1.0-context.patch
Group:		Databases
BuildRequires:	gettext-devel
BuildRequires:	gdk-pixbuf-devel
BuildRequires:	krb5-devel
#BuildRequires:	libsasl-devel
#BuildRequires:	openldap-devel
BuildRoot:	%{_tmppath}/%{name}-root

GQ is GTK+ LDAP client and browser utility. It can be used
for searching LDAP directory as well as browsing it using a
tree view.

%setup -q -n %{name}-%{realver}
%setup -q -T -D -a 1 -n %{name}-%{realver}
%setup -q -T -D -a 2 -n %{name}-%{realver}
#%patch -p1 -b .ol22
#%patch1 -p1 -b .gcc4
#%patch2 -p1 -b .sasl
%patch3 -p1 -b .context

rm -rf %buildroot

pushd src
sed -i 's|#Icon=|Icon=%name.png|g' gq.desktop

( cd %{name}-%{realver}-langpack-1; ./langpack .. )
export CFLAGS="%{optflags} -DLDAP_DEPRECATED"
%configure --with-kerberos-prefix=%{_prefix} --enable-browser-dnd

#rm -rf %buildroot

# Menu entry & icons
mkdir -p %buildroot/%_menudir
cat > %buildroot/%_menudir/%name << EOF

?package(%name): \
command="%_bindir/%name" \
needs="X11" \
icon="%name.png" \
section="%section" \
title="%title" \

# ie: Is name48.png %{name}48.png or %{name48}.png?
%__install -D -m 644 %{name}48.png %buildroot/%_liconsdir/%name.png
%__install -D -m 644 %{name}32.png %buildroot/%_iconsdir/%name.png
%__install -D -m 644 %{name}16.png %buildroot/%_miconsdir/%name.png
%__install -D -m 644 src/%{name}.desktop %buildroot%{_datadir}/gnome/apps/Internet/%name.desktop

# Macro for locales
%find_lang %name

#rm -rf %buildroot

%files -f %name.lang
%defattr (-,root,root)
%dir %{_datadir}/pixmaps/gq
#%dir %{_datadir}/applications/*
%dir %{_datadir}/gnome/apps/Internet


* Thu Apr 14 2006 Tony Earnshaw <tonni barlaeus nl> 1.0.rc1 Red Hat/Fedora
- adapted slightly for 1.0rc1 on Red Hat RHEL/RHAS/FedoraFC

* Tue Sep 13 2005 Andreas Hasenack <andreas mandriva com> 1.0-0.beta1.5mdk
- added patch to fix basic sasl auth support
- added LDAP_DEPRECATED define to avoid declaration warnings
- enabled drag-and-drop feature

* Fri Sep 09 2005 Andreas Hasenack <andreas mandriva com> 1.0-0.beta1.4mdk
- added gcc4 patch from sourceforge bug tracker (id #1184399)
- rebuilt with openldap-2.3.x

* Tue Mar 29 2005 Buchan Milne <bgmilne linux-mandrake com> 1.0-0.beta1.3mdk
- fix segfault on expanding tree (#15065), thx ahasenack for the patch

* Sun Feb 06 2005 Stefan van der Eijk <stefan eijk nu> 1.0-0.beta1.2mdk
- Rebuild new ldap

* Tue Jan 20 2004 Buchan Milne <bgmilne linux-mandrake com> 1.0-0.beta1.1mdk
- 1.0beta1

* Fri Oct 31 2003 Frederic Lepied <flepied mandrakesoft com> 1.0-0.alpha3.1mdk
- 1.0alpha3

* Fri Jul 25 2003 Per Øyvind Karlsen <peroyvind sintrax net> 0.7.0-0.beta2.6mdk
- rebuild against new kerberos
- drop Prefix tag

* Sat Apr 26 2003 Tibor Pittich <Tibor Pittich phuture sk> 0.7.0-0.beta2.5mdk
- add missing dirs into files section (mr. distlint)

* Wed Feb 19 2003 Tibor Pittich <Tibor Pittich phuture sk> 0.7.0-0.beta2.4mdk
- funny expanded macro find_lang removed..

* Wed Feb 19 2003 Tibor Pittich <Tibor Pittich phuture sk> 0.7.0-0.beta2.3mdk
- fix version numbering and change Group
- change source url, update description
- add icons and menu entry

* Tue Jan 28 2003 Lenny Cartier <lenny mandrakesoft com> 0.7.0beta2-2mdk
- rebuild

* Wed Oct 23 2002 Stefan van der Eijk <stefan eijk nu> 0.7.0beta2-1mdk
- 0.7.0beta2
- BuildRequires: gettext-devel gdk-pixbuf-devel krb5-devel libsasl-devel

* Tue Oct 08 2002 Stefan van der Eijk <stefan eijk nu> 0.6.0-1mdk
- 0.6.0

* Sun May  5 2002 Stefan van der Eijk <stefan eijk nu> 0.5.0-1mdk
- initial package

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