Zenity 2.14.1 - Atchim!

Hi all,

What is it?
This is zenity - a rewrite of gdialog, the GNOME port of dialog
which allows you to display dialog boxes from the commandline
and shell scripts. If you understand, things are just as they
are. If you don't understand, things are just as they are.

What's new?
    * Quit zenity on about dialog response (Lucas Rocha) [#336505]
    * New and updated documentation translations
        - Maxim Dziumanenko [uk]
    * New and updated translations
        - Priit Laes [et]
        - Vladimer Sichinava [ka]
        - Gora Mohanty [or]
        - Ales Nyakhaychyk [be]
        - Pema Geyleg [dz]

Where can I get it?
Source code:

md5sum: c26bb86f462dd6f76569271cfdb92ce8

md5sum: 2445b652a93581436164cb6ad5e9c36b

p eace


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