GARNOME 2.12.0

GARNOME 2.12.0
(the 'let's just say, icarus' release.)

Welcome to 2.12.0!

Incorporating the GNOME 2.12.0 Desktop and Developer Platform, together with
a host of third-party GNOME packages, Bindings and the Mono(tm) Platform -- 
this release truly is the best performing release we've ever had.

The changes between 2.10 and 2.12 are massive -- the GNOME Release Notes on will give you the full rundown, but in a nutshell.

* DBus and HAL are now being used to power GNOME 'under the hood'.
* glib/gtk+ 2.8.x with cairo 1.0 makes GNOME look 'better than ever'.
* Improvements to Nautilus to make your files more accessible than ever before.
* Hundreds of fixes and performance improvements across the entire desktop.

In short, if you're not running GNOME 2.12.0, you should be -- and GARNOME
gives you the perfect excuse to jump right in, all without affecting your
existing system.

It should be noted that GARNOME wouldn't be possible without the dedicated
band of testers that have continued to support the project -- thanks to
everyone who has contributed patches, bug reports or comments during the
last release phase -- your support has been invaluable.

MD5: f35df45f0c5497e3b5cc815d3fbc626c

Enjoy the world of .12.


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