[ANNOUNCE] Scw 0.1.0 - the chat-oriented widget set

(If replying from gtk-app-devel list, please cc me as I'm not
subscribed, but thought this might interest people there)

I'm happy to announce the first release of Scw, the chat-oriented widget set!

What is it?

Scw is a library that includes widgets designed for chat programs.

Currently this means (but will be extended with time):

   * ScwView, a view that has:
      - Activatable text (urls, user names, etc)
      - Pango markup
      - Wrapping
      - GtkTreeModel implementations as data storage

   * ScwEntry, an derivate of GtkEntry which adds:
      - Simple input history

I want to hear from developers about what widgets cause them trouble
when creating chat clients, so please send me your ideas for new
widgets. The ScwView was designed to merge the good sides of
GtkTextView and GtkTreeView (wrt chat programs of course) originally
because I had trouble making either good for a chat client.

Python and Ruby bindings are available, Java-Gtk bindings are planned.
Contributions/requests for more are welcome (specially the
contributions part). Scw widgets are written to be as easy to create
bindings for as possible (and with GObject goodness, it means really
easy for many languages), and people are encouraged to use them.

As a bonus feature, the widgets are guaranteed to compile and work on
the Maemo[1] platform (used in the Nokia 770[2] that everybody is so
exited about).

More detailed description is found on the home page of Scw.

Applications that use Scw

   * Rirc (an irssi2 client, see http://2.irssi.org for details and downloads)
   * Silky (is being ported to it, http://silky.sourceforge.net/)
   * Your app here possibly? Let me know!

Where to get it?


Version 0.1.0:
  MD5: 499eb8cddc21654da9b13b436069b4fd

Python bindings
  MD5: 39866eaf6173bbc648ae554e5aa35ea8

Ruby bindings
  MD5: 6bc8f967818cb9240cd32b9182967dfa

Communication options

As I haven't yet set up mailing lists or bugzilla or anything really,
bug reports and other stuff should be sent straight to me at
zuh iki fi 

Or come visit the IRC channel #scw on freenode network to have a chat
(it's lonely there ;).

[1] http://maemo.org
[2] http://nokia.com/770/

Kalle Vahlman, zuh iki fi
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