Evolution 2.5.1 sanity testing scripts using LDTP

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About LDTP:

Linux Desktop Testing Project is aimed at producing high quality test automation framework. It uses the "Accessibility" libraries to poke through the application's user interface. Thanks to Sun and Accessibility team.

Evolution 2.5.1 sanity testing scripts using LDTP:

All these scripts have been tested with Evolution-2.5.1 on SuSE 10.0. The data xml files
provided for testing IMAP configured account. Thanks to Patrick Gu <Patrick Gu Sun COM>, Haip <harry lu sun com>, Shaheed <sshaik novell com>, Premkumar <jpremkumar novell com>, Nagappan <anagappan novell com> for their contributions in developing these scripts.
These scripts will execute following test cases,
        - Compose mail with/without attachment
        - Copy/Delete/Move mail
        - Forward mail mail in different styles (Attachment/Inline/Quoted)
        - Search for mail based on
                - Subject or sender contains
                - Subject contains
                - Sender contains
        - Create/Rename/Delete mail folder
        - Create vfolder from message sender/message subject
        - Creating an user account

Please refer http://gnomebangalore.org/ldtp/index.php/Release_notes_for_Evolution-2.5.1_Sanity_suite
for more details.

PyLDTP - Download from http://gnomebangalore.org/ldtp/index.php/Downloads

Please do post your comments/queries to "ldtp-dev lists freedesktop org".

For detailed information on LDTP framework and latest updates visit

Nagappan A <anagappan novell com>
Linux Desktop Testing Project -

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