gnome-utils 2.11.0

Hey all,

gnome-utils 2.11.0 is out.
This is the first release in the unstable branch of gnome-utils, so it
could break your desktop, crash your computer, erase your hard drive,
burn your motherboard and send profanity emails to your parents.
Chances are it won't, though.
It is available at :

* What is it ?

Gnome-utils is a collection of useful utilities for the GNOME desktop
that make your life easier, including:
     * GNOME Search Tool
     * GNOME Dictionary
     * GNOME Floppy
     * GNOME Log Viewer
     * GNOME Screenshot

* What's changed ?

GNOME Search Tool

   * Add thumbnails support [Dennis]

GNOME Dictionary

   * Fix bug #304564 - infinite loop causing 100% CPU usage [Christian Krause]
   * Prettify definition layouts [Vincent]
   * Hide the status bar when not used [Vincent]

GNOME Screenshot

   * Fix bug #303891 - typo in GConf path [Trent Lloyd]

GNOME Log Viewer

   * Revert to single-window mode [Vincent]
   * Add a sidebar that shows all the opened logs [Vincent]
   * Include the calendar in the new sidebar [Vincent]
   * Remove the useless "details" window [Vincent]
   * Add the ability to change the font size [Vincent]
   * Fix bug #170244 - crash [Sylvain Pasche]

Translation updates :

   * bg (Vladimir Petkov), ca (Josep Puigdemont), cs (Miloslav Trmac), cy
     (Rhys Jones), da (Martin Willemoes Hansen), de (Hendrik Richter),
en_CA (Adam
     Weinberger), en_GB (David Lodge), es (Francisco Javier F. Serrador), el
     (Kostas Papadimas), et (Priit Laes), fa (Sara Khalatbari), gu
(Ankit Patel),
     nb (Kjartan Maraas), nl (Vincent van Adrighem), no (Kjartan Maraas), pt_BR
     (Raphael Higino), ro (Mugurel Tudor), rw (Steve Murphy), xh (Adi
Attar), zh_TW
     (Abel Cheung)

Thanks for your attention.

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