ANNOUNCE: gcalctool v5.6.14 [stable]

Gcalctool is the default GNOME desktop calculator.

It has Basic, Advanced, Financial and Scientific modes. Internally it
uses multiple precision arithmetic to produce results to a high degree
of accuracy.

This release will be for the GNOME 2.11 release train when that schedule 
is announced.

Note that in order to build, gcalctool now requires Gtk+ v2.6.1 (or later).

Changes since the last gcalctool version (5.5.42). Read in reverse order.

* Fixed bug #304056. Adjusted the keyboard shortcuts for the Xor and x^y 
  operations. New values are:
      Xor - 'x'
      x^y - '^'

* Fixed bug #302555. Various gcalctool variables have now been const'ified.

* Fixed bug #300957. Replaced the underscore character in 
  "translator_credits" with a hyphen, to prevent some 
  translation tools from being confused.

* More work on bug #172704. 
  - Adjusted the code to not try to display a menu when the user 
    entered a left parentheses (another do_pending() type of operation).
  - Toggling the "Show Trailing Zeroes" operation via keyboard
    shortcuts, needed to clear the v-.pending flag.

* Fixed up some problems reported by lint.

* Fixed bugs #172704 and #172869. When the user now uses the keyboard shortcut 
  for any of the gcalctool buttons that have a menu associated with them, that 
  menu is now displayed. The user can use the arrow keys to select a menu item 
  or the menu items shortcut.

* Fixed bug #171393. Allow stock labels to show through.

* Refixed bug #158280. The Help->Contents menu item no longer appears if 
  gcalctool is built Gtk-only.

* Fixed bug #172798. gtk_set_locale was already being run by gtk_init() 
  and the gtk about popup didn't have the gcalctool icon.

* Fixed Sun internal CR #6214176. If gcalctool is being driven by gok, 
  the on-screen keyboard assistive technology, it's possible that the 
  event returned by gtk_get_current_event() is NULL. If this is the 
  case, we need to fudge the popping up on the menu associated with 
  this menu button.

* Fixed bug #158280. You can now build gcalctool without the GNOME 
  libraries by specifying "--disable-gnome" on the configure command 

* Fixed bug #167479. gcalctool will set the View->Memory Registers menu 
  item inactive if the calculator is in Basic mode.

* Fixed bug #168694. gcalctool now saves/restores the ten memory 
  register values as gconf resources.

* Removed the redundant process_str() routine in graphics.c

* Fixed bug #169196. gcalctool now uses use g_get_home_dir().

* Added in a better implementation of the trig_filter() routine in 

* Translations (thankyou!):

Abel Cheung       - zh_TW.po: Updated traditional Chinese translation from 
                    GNOME HK Team
Adam Weinberger   - en_CA.po: Updated Canadian English translation.
Adi Attar         - xh.po: Added and updated Xhosa translation.
Baris Cicek       - tr.po: Updated Turkish Translation by Burcin Donmez
Francisco Javier F. Serrador  - es.po: Updated Spanish translation.
Frank Arnold      - de.po: Updated German translation.
Gareth Owen       - en_GB.po: Updated British English translation.
Josep Puigdemont  - ca.po: Updated Catalan translation.
Kostas Papadimas  - el.po Updated Greek Translation
Marcel Telka      - sk.po: Updated Slovak translation.
Miloslav Trmac    - cs.po: Updated Czech translation.
Priit Laes        - et.po: Translation updated by Ivar Smolin.
Steve Murphy      - rw.po: Added Kinyarwanda translation.

You can download this new version from:

[Although some of the ftp mirrors may take a little while to sync].

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