ANNOUNCE: gdl-0.5.0 released

Hi all,

gdl version 0.5.0 has been released.

Gnome Development Library

This package contains components and libraries that are intended to be
shared between GNOME development tools, including gnome-debug,
gnome-build, and anjuta.


Changes in 0.5.0 release

* Added orientation get/set functions to allow for horizontal/vertical
  thanks to David A Knight  <david ritter demon co uk>
* Fix memory and tooltip object leaks.
* Adds two new behaviors to hide the iconify and close button in item
* Properly add/remove items based on the ICONIFIED flag.
* GdlDockItems can also have a stock_id now.
* Added a new GdlDockBar widget which displays iconified dockitems.
* Improved GdlDock look (looks more like the Gimp's docking widget now).
* Many bug fixes.
* Updated translations: zh_CN, ca, hr, ga, en_GB, pa, nb, rw



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