Purrr 0.5 "800 horsepower scratching"

This is release announcement of Purrr 0.5, "800 horsepower scratching".

Following long-time opensource tradition of itch-scratching (and
completing laboratory assignments, let's not forget about assignments),
after countless years (actually, 3 days) of hard labour (actually, it
was one damn fun hacksession), unleashed upon the world is Purrr,
unstoppable like cat in pursuit, yet full of feline grace.

So, what is Purrr? It's mass renamer of the best kind, like mom used to
make, except that it features kickarse GNOME GUI, with copious motherly
(and HIG-y) love all over the place. If you have thousands upon
thousands of files waiting for renaming, fear not! Purrr is here to help

Getting Purrr:

Get the release from here: http://mathrick.org/software/purr-0.5.tgz
Public arch archive will be available shortly.

After downloading, unpack the tarball and run setup.py --help to see
available options. setup.py install --prefix=<prefix> to install. 

Running Purrr:

Just run 

$ purrr [files....]

from commandline, or better yet, use the power of nautilus script,
installed unless you have disabled it in setup.py. You can also use 
Add button or Drag n' Drop to add files to list after launching Purrr.


Despite being young, and 0.5 being only first release, Purrr is quite
complete. What remains to be done is i18n love, writing proper nautilus
extension, and adding some documentation, so that Help button actually
does something.


Thanks go mainly to everyone who made PyGTK and Python possible, which
are why hacking Purrr was so fun. Also, kudos to GNOME platform makers
and dudes who created HIG, it was of great help in creating GUI that's
fun to use.

Maciej Katafiasz <ml mathrick org>

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