GARNOME 2.10.0

GARNOME 2.10.0
(the 'pink fluffy bunny slippers are in my future' release.)

My God, we made it.

Aside from marking the first time a stable GARNOME release has come out
on the same day that the GNOME release did -- This release incorporates 
the full GNOME 2.10 Desktop & Developer Platform, as well as so much
extra, new and improved stuff ... it's, it's ... it's GARNOMEtastic. 

The differences between GARNOME 2.8.x and 2.10.x are huge, but in a

* GNOME 2.10.0 desktop, platform and bindings releases.
* Evolution 2.2.0
* Mono 1.1.x and a bunch of wildly successful apps in their own right.

and yet, there's more -- geektoys (the collection of funkey GNOME apps
that compliment your desktop) now includes:

* Tomboy (the most requested item in GARNOME to date)
* Beagle (all your indexing needs)
* Evince (PDF's and GNOME have never looked as good)
* Monkey Bubble :)

...and a whole lot more.

It should be noted that GARNOME wouldn't be possible without the dedicated
band of testers i've amassed since taking over the project -- thanks to
everyone who has contributed patches, bugreports or comments during the
last release phase -- your support has been invaluable.

MD5: 255f984b5f438b0851fd50ae2ef14772

Onward and Outward to,


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