gnome-utils 2.10.0 "Flu"

Gnome-utils 2.10.0, codename "Flu", is now out. Joy. This is the first
release in the stable 2.10.x series, and is available for download at:

Gnome-utils is a collection of useful utilities for the GNOME desktop,
       * GNOME Search Tool
       * GNOME Dictionary
       * GNOME Floppy
       * GNOME Log Viewer
       * GNOME Screenshot

People who made this release possible :
       * Jonathan Blandford
       * James Bowes
       * Dennis Cranston
       * John Fleck
       * Glenn Mason
       * Shaun McCance
       * Elijah Newren
       * Vincent Noel
       * ... and plenty of worthy translators

Major changes since 2.9.0 :

GNOME Search Tool
       * Use startup notification
       * Follow nautilus click policy
       * Accessibility fixes
       * Two-passes scan search
       * Use gtk+ 2.6 API and widgets

GNOME Dictionary
       * Port to gtk+ 2.6
       * Support panel translucency
       * UI changes and overall simplification
       * Printing support (with preview)
       * Web dictionaries

GNOME Screenshot
       * Initial import

GNOME Log Viewer
       * New search bar
       * Support opening of remote files
       * Monitoring mode
       * Copy log lines

GNOME Floppy
       * Floppy formatting in non-standard locations

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