ANNOUNCE: gnubiff 2.1.4

* What is it ?

gnubiff is a mail notification program that checks for mail and displays
headers when new mail has arrived. gnubiff features include:
* Multiple mailbox support
* pop3, apop, imap4, mh, qmail and mailfile support
* SSL & certificates support
* GNOME support with complete integration to panel
* GTK stand-alone support
* Automatic detection of mailbox format
* Mail header & content display
* IDLE state support for imap4
* FAM support for mh/qmail/mailfile
* PNG animation support
* Highly configurable
* Spam filtering
* HIG 2.0 compliance
* Small memory usage

* What's changed ?

This is a major bugfix release:
* Support for mh mailboxes as used by Sylpheed
* Handling of mh protocols optimized
* Compliance with RFC 2047
* Race conditions in FAM code fixed
* Various other bugfixes

There is now a Czech translation available (thanks to Josef Vybiral).

* Where can I get it ?



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