Blam 1.8.1 released


Blam is an RSS reader for the GNOME desktop. Blam features a simple to
use interface that lets you focus on the news items. It's also works
especially well for reading planet feeds where the same items might be
aggregated across several planets.

This release is mainly a bug fix and cleanup release. The number one bug
fix is that it should now be much harder to corrupt the collections
database which resulted in the default collections file being read and
stored some times.

Another mayor change is that HTML will now be stripped from the titles
in feeds which resulted in a lot of weird looking titles.

The full list of changes are:

* Strip and escape HTML from titles (Heath Harrelson)
* Fixed problem with corruption of collections file. (micke)
* Improved the order for right-click channel menu (micke)
* Internal cleanups (micke)
* New translations (zh_TW)
* Updated translations (cs, da, nl, hu, en_CA, de, bg)

As usual you can download it at:

The official homepage for Blam is:

  Mikael Hallendal

Imendio AB,

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