SLgtk 0.5.14 released

Dear Gtk and S-Lang Enthusiasts,

Version 0.5.14 of SLgtk is now available at

The SLgtk package wraps the GIMP toolkit widget set (Gtk) for use in
S-Lang, and provides a simple and modular way of adding graphical
interfaces to applications without recoding them from scratch as GUIs.
SLgtk bundles scores of guilets, ranging in function from simple
buttons and screen drawing all the way to through plotting and imaging
of FITS files.

SLgtk also includes VWhere, an iterative, visual extension to the 
powerful S-Lang 'where' filtering command as described at

This release includes almost 20 enhancements, highlights of which are
given below.  In addition to raw source code, binary distributions
are provided for Solaris, Linux, and Mac OS/X, compiled against either
S-Lang1 or S-Lang2.

Michael S. Noble

			SLgtk 0.5.14 Release Highlights

   o VWhere 1.3.0 data explorer:

	- added interactive prompt, for executing arbitrary S-Lang expressions
	- added mechanism for altering namespace in which they're executed
	- preferences:
	  . simplified navigation of plot settings
	  . save more prefs values to ~/.vwhererc
	  . apply/save buttons give visual cues as to when they may be used
	  . prefs may now be launched up by pressing MOUSE3 while over canvas
	- more graceful support for zero-length data
	- internal reorganization to reflect SLang2 provide/require/namespaces

    o Enhanced imdisplay Utility:

	- accepts an arbitrary number of images as input, displaying
	  them stacked upon one another, respecting transparency

	- input images may be specified as either filenames, raw S-Lang
	  arrays, or GdkPixbufs

	- supports a wide variety of input file formats, including
	  FITS, JPEG, PNG, GIF, XPM, TIFF, and more ...

	- supports animations

	- the rendered result may be saved to a variety of formats,
	  including JPEG, PNG, and FITS

	- tiling, scaling, and an automatic scrolling window for
	  images too large to fit reasonably on your display

	- now callable as either a function or command line tool

    o New high-level _input_dialog() and _error_dialog() functions

    o New example guilets, including transparency and wireframe cube

    o Source and binary distribution compatibility with SLang2

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