[announce] Blogfish 1.0 is out

Blogfish 1.0 "Ready for Battering" is out!

New features include:
* New simple peer for running on servers, systems without X
* RPM!
* Bugfixes: no longer sucks so much memory; dies nicely on exit;
networking bugs, lots; resizes nicely
* Drag and drop URL to add new fish
* Nice new icon
* UI compatibility with the Gnome Human Interface Guidelines
* Simpler install script
* Compatibility with Python < 2.3
* Beaten to release by Sarge, FFS

What is Blogfish?

Blogfish is the memepool.

Blogfish is social networking meets evolutionary software meets
peer-to-pier networking. Blogfish is best eaten wrapped in newspaper,
with salt and vinegar. Blogfish is the fin end of the wedge.

More prosaically, blogfish is a Gnome panel applet, written in Python
using PyGTK and Gnome-python. It allows you to spread your blog URL,
website URL or random thoughts to other users. Good memes survive; bad
ones are voted down and go belly up.

Get your fish

Tarball: http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/blogfish/blogfish-1.0.tar.gz?download
RPM: http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/blogfish/blogfish-1.0-1.i386.rpm?download


There's a mailing list: you can subscribe by sending an email to
blogfish-general-request lists sourceforge net

David Hugh-Jones

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