GNOME 2.8.3 is released


I'm pleased to announce the immediate availability of the latest stable
release of The GNOME Desktop and
developer platform, 2.8.3.

This is the third and last maintenance release of the stable 2.8.x
series of GNOME and it contains a huge amount of bugfixes and other
improvements since the last release. Thanks to everyone involved in
making GNOME software better.

Detailed information about the changes in this release is attached.


Bugs should be filed in bugzilla:

Kjartan Maraas

 UPDATED: Glib-1.062

Overview of Changes in Glib 1.062

* Properly create META.yml.  [muppet]
* Fix exports and some documentation.  [muppet]
* Fix RPM generation on x86_64.  [Ross]
* Fix test failure with newer versions of Test::More.  [Ross]

 NEWS: glibmm-2.4.7


* examples: Removed AIX #ifdefs because sigc::bind now works 
  on AIX.

* Now builds with the following compilers, in addition to 
the existing GNU g++, and Intel compilers:
- SUN Forte CC 5.5
- IBM AIX xlC v7
- Tru64 C++ V6.5-042
- IRIX MIPSpro 7.4.2m
  (Older versions of all these compilers might also work.)
  (Murray Cumming,
* MSVC++ .Net 2003 build improvements.
  (Cedric Gustin, Tim Shead)

 UPDATED: Gtk2-1.062

Overview of Changes in Gtk2 1.062

* Documentation fixes.  [muppet]
* Properly create META.yml.  [muppet]
* Make Gtk2::TreeModelFilter actually work by letting it inherit from
  Gtk2::TreeModel.  [muppet]
* Add missing interfaces to widgets that implement them.  [Ross]
* Make the Gtk2::Clipboard constructors not assume ownership.  [Torsten]
* Fix or disable some tests that fail with newer versions of Test::More.

 UPDATED: Gtk2-GladeXML-1.004

Overview of Changes in Gtk2::GladeXML 1.004

* none, don't do make disttest dist or tarballs will be invalid

Overview of Changes in Gtk2::GladeXML 1.003

* none, last rel tarballs had uncommited changes

 UPDATED: gtkmm-2.4.11


* The examples and demos now build with the AIX, IRIX MipsPro 
  and Tru64 compilers, with the latest libsigc++ (2.0.9).
  (Murray Cumming,

 UPDATED: libgconf-java-

libgconf-java was updated without a NEWS entry.

 NEWS: libglade-java-

- Fixed

	Bug 155080: java classes names don't match Gtk classes names
		- Added checks for where we diverge.
	Bug 155422: Remove libglade-java build dependency on libgnome-java
		- Applied Jerry Haltom's patch - create listener to delegate map at
	Bug 155124: Message Logging - Replaced printf statements with the
  		appropriate calls to g_warning and g_critical  [Jeffrey Morgan]
	Bug: Glade references to files broken.
		applied Andrew Cowie's patch

 UPDATED: libgnome-java-

libgnome-java was updated without a NEWS entry.

 NEWS: libgtk-java-

2.4.7 (Not yet released)
- Lots of bug fixes (See ChangeLog for full details)

 NEWS: libxml++-2.8.1


* SaxParser, DomParser: parse_memory(), parse_chunk():
  Get the array length in bytes instead of characters, 
  to avoid weirdness. (Tim Alexeevsky, Murray Cumming)
* Node::find(): Throw an exception about invalid xpaths, 
  instead of crashing. (Caleb Epstein, Murray Cumming)
* Fix build for gcc 3.4. (Murray Cumming)

 NEWS: control-center-2.8.2

gnome-control-center 2.8.2

- Add desktop file for the font method. (Jeff Waugh).
- Fix theme thumbnailing. Closes bug #153203 and bug #165778.
  (Sebastien Bacher and Shakti Sen)
- Fix a leak in the font method. Closes bug #165312. (Kjartan)
- Fix widget expansion in the keyboard preferences. Closes
  bug #151588. Patch from Ross Burton 
- Handle backspace in multilayout setups correctly. Closes
  bug #154492. Patch from Michal Bukovjan 
- Build fixes (Dan Winship, Shakti Sen; closes bug #153203.
- Theme manager: Fix an infinite loop. Closes bug #160803. Patch
  from Elijah Newren
- Mask the "Text Editor" tab since the new mime system doesn't use this
- use a temporary filename to not overwrite existant files in ~/.themes 
(Closes: #97180).
- theme-thumbnailer doesn't require an absolute path (Closes: #153203).
- updated translations (bg, da, id, it, nso, sq, zh_CN, zu)

 UPDATED: dasher-3.2.13

dasher was updated without a NEWS entry.

 NEWS: epiphany-1.4.8

Epiphany 1.4.8


	* Fix crash when closing window while filepicker is up [#156816]
	* Use gnome_vfs_url_show() for Send To [#162532]
	* Set selection mode to BROWSE in topics selector [#162331]
	* We don't need to implement nsIBrowserHistory
	* Don't focus the close-tab button on click [#119461]
	* Don't store more than 5 hidden popups [Adam Hooper, #160863]
	* Fix a mem leak [#164302]
	* Really make confirm-overwrite dialogue have a parent window [#164189]
	* Rename EphyTab's "visible" property to not clash with GtkWidget property
	* Default typeaheadfindsea to on [#157435]
	* Switch to fullscreen toolbar also in lockdown fullscreen mode [#165256]
	* Disable DownloadLinkAs and SetAsBackground if saving to disk is disabled
	* Don't crash if we need to open an orphan non-chrome window [part of #165445]
	* Some sparse fixes
	* Ungrab the pointer when moving tab between notebooks [#165797]
	* Don't weak ref the shell when it's finalised already [#165542]
	* Don't show the menubar with F10 in lockdown mode [#165550]
	* Don't disable print preview if print setup is locked down [#165552]
	* Adapt to mozilla API changes
	* Implement nsIWebProgressListener [#165328]
	* Fix window destruction [#165992]

Epiphany 1.4.7


	* Use stock icon for "Open In New Tab" in History Window and Bookmarks Editor
	* Don't offer to resume if there are open windows [#160345]
	* Deactivate the context menu on window close [#156812]
	* Fix build in !MOZILLA_HAVE_PSM case
	* Make the extensions modules resident [#160945]
	* Disable Print and Print Preview while still loading the page [#116344]
	* Correct language code for Afrikaans
	* Adapt to changed mozilla APIs
	* Wrap the label in the Confirm Overwrite dialogue [#161771]
Translation updates

	* Ercin Eker (tr)

 NEWS: evolution-2.0.4

Evolution 2.0.5, 2004-12-06

Bugzilla bugs fixed (see

 * Addressbook

   #36137 - Leading %s in addressbook message totally non-obvious (Siva)
   #70339 - vcard preview doesn't appear to work (Siva)
   #70622 - Crash changing gtkhtml settings (JP)
   #70922 - Email address types should show "Other" when importing vcards (Siva)
   #70540 - Adding contact from email doesn't let you change "file as" (Hans)

 * Calendar
   #41624 - only the last exception is deleted on palm device (JP)
   #46901 - Only one line gets printed when printing Tasks and Appointments (Yong Sun)

 * Mail

   #33933 - Sorting by subject does not result in expected order (Jeff)
   #70795 - Next/Previous Message Should Only Display Listed Emails (Michael)
   #65329 - regression in default folder name localisation (Michael)
   #71312 - Double-clicking vFolder of Draft folder doesn't allow editing (Michael)
   #71310 - Always loses my signature script settings (Michael)
   #71310 - Always loses my signature script settings (Michael)
   #69850 - Crash: attempting to create a Vfolder based on a message without a Sender (Michael)
   #65178 - newly created folder on local maildir doesn't show until evolution restart (Michael)
   #70858 - selecting newly created folder flakey (Michael)
   #60664 - message view does not follow theme change (Michael)
   #70768 - 'Mark All as Read' marks all the mails which are not in current query as read (Michael)
   #70563 - crash when 'load images' on MyEclipse newsletter email (Michael)
   #66943 - Crash when saving draft (Michael)
   #71105 - When trying to rename a folder containing a slash "/" and spaces, evil stuff happens (Michael)
   #72020 - Error parsing filter: Unknown identifier: adjust-score (Michael)
   #38791 - gpg can make evo hang if keyserver unreachable (Michael)
   #36142 - Don't use acronyms as verbs in messages (Michael)
   #70303 - pgp signature invalid with very short emails (Michael)
   #69757 - Memory leak in imap_parse_list_response (Michael)
   #22496 - Evolution does not appear to support ALERT messages (Michael)
   #71427 - Evolution does not prompt for new password (Michael)
   #71625 - Don't display content of e-mail when first selected (Michael)
   #56110 - Messages in digest displayed as source (Michael)
   #69024 - Doesn't update NNTP folder in a Virtual folder (Michael)
   #47824 - nested, identical multipart boundaries dont parse properly (Michael)
   #70919 - Crash during fetching mail (mail has gpg signature) (Michael)
   #70556 - Unable load messages info from MS Exchange by IMAP (Michael)

Other bugs

 * Mail

    -64 bit fixes (Michael)

 * Addressbook

    - work around 67411 (Hans)
    - 64 bit fixes (Michael)
    - Turkish locale fixes (S.Çaglar Onur)

 * Calendar

    - fix potential resize crash (Michael)


    - don't remove the cert from the tree if it wasn't actually deleted (Michael)

Updated translations:

  - nl (Vincent van Adrighem)
  - pt (Duarte Loreto)
  - hu (Laszlo Dvornik)
  - ca (Jordi Mallach)
  - fr (Jeremie Knuesel, Sebastien Bacher, Christophe Merlet)
  - sv (Christian Rose)
  - de (Hendrik Brandt)
  - id (Mohammad DAMT)
  - es (Francisco Javier F. Serrador)
  - da (Martin Willemoes Hansen)
  - ko (Changwoo Ryu)
  - zh_CN (Funda Wang)
  - ms (Hasbullah Bin Pit)
  - hu (Laszlo Dvornik)
  - cs (Miloslav Trmac)
  - ru (Leonid Kanter)
  - bg (Vladimir Petkov)
  - sq (Laurent Dhima)
  - en_GB (David Lodge)
  - pl (Artur Flinta)
  - sr (Danilo Segan)
  - sr Latn (Danilo Segan)
  - en_CA (Adam Weinberger)
  - pt_BR (Raphael Higino)
  - nn (Åsmund Skjæveland)

 NEWS: evolution-data-server-1.0.4

Evolution Data Server 1.0.4, 2005-02-14

Bugzilla bugs fixed (see

  * Address Book

    #64298 - G/W failure to authenticate (Siva)
    #67541 - LDAP password not to be remembered (Siva)
    #66854 - Some strings are missed to translation (Rodney)
    #71116 - wrong gettext initialization breaks translation (Rodney)
    #70918 - Importing kontact vcard causes inifinite loop (Siva)

  * Calendar

    #64682 - Moving an appointment from one calendar to another sends update (Chen)
    #67031 - GroupWise tasks are not getting updated in any way (Chen)

  * All

    #69186 - cannot remove GAL from Autocomplete in settings (Siva)
    #64298 - G/W failure to authenticate (Siva)
Other bugs

  * Calendar
    - warning fixes (Michael)
    - fix groupwise ssl usage (Harish)

  * Address Book
    - fix vcard note migration issues if containing non-ascii chars (Siva)
    - fix groupwise ssl usage (Harish)

  * All
    - 64 bit fixes (Michael)

Updated Translations:
    -et (Priit Laes)
    -ru (Leonid Kanter)

 NEWS: file-roller-2.8.4

version 2.8.4
	* Updated translations: da, gu, id.

 NEWS: gal-2.2.5

gal-2.2.5  2005-02-14

Other bugs and changes:

	- Updated translations: 
	 it (Luca Ferretti, Alessio Frusciante)


 NEWS: gcalctool-4.4.22

Overview of changes in gcalctool 4.4.22

* Fixed bug #163468. Pressing "(<Del>)" would cause gcalctool to crash.


Overview of changes in gcalctool 4.4.21

* Fixed bug #157277. Entering "(" followed by Clr using the mouse to 
  click on the buttons, caused a bogus character to be displayed and 
  the display wasn't cleared.


 NEWS: gdm-
======================================== stuff:

- Now using CVS head of vicious-extensions, left out of previous
  release due to schedule freeze.

- Do not init the wm twice if gdm_wm_init is called twice. (George)

- Always destroy dialog widget in greeter to fix non-fatal error
  dialogs from hanging around. (George)

- Leak corrected in daemon/verify-pam.c. (George)

- Corrected g_strconcat call in gui/gdmsetup.c. (meissner suse de)

- Added Afrikaans, Northern Sotho, South African English, and Zulu.
  to language translations. (Dwayne Baily)

- Updated build files so it can be built and distributed with new
  buildtools than 1.4.   makedist fixes, etc.

 NEWS: gedit-2.8.3

gedit 2.8.3


- Bug #149988 (Is gedit potfile versioning needed?) [Paolo Maggi]
- Bug #144894 (Ortographic corrector doesn't work in commented 
  lines) [Paolo Maggi]
- Fixed a crash that happens if you remove automatic spell checker 
  and the press Shift+F10 [Paolo Maggi]
- Fixed a crash in the time plugin when the format in gconf is not 
  valid [Paolo Borelli]
- Fixed some mem leaks [Paolo Borelli]
- Backported some speedups from 2.9 [Paolo Borelli]
- Sync to latest libegg [Paolo Borelli]

New and updated translations
- Rhys Jones (cy)
- Artur Flinta (pl)

 UPDATED: ggv-2.8.3

GGV 2.8.3 "The well behaved PostScript previewer"

That should not insist on having a peek at each remote URI in your
recently used document list. Let's give Mark McLoughlin a big hand for
his patch!

Apart from that I have made the code compile warningless for all you
-Wall purists.

Yes, that's it folks, not much excitement today.

Except for the translators' efforts, of course! - it seems that the
following translations were updated Estonian (Ivar), British (David),
Portuguese (Duarte), Simplified Chinese (Funda), two kinds of Norwegian
(Kjartan), Lithuanian (Žygimantas), Slovak (Marcel), Brazilian
Portuguese (Raphael), German (Frank), Polish (GNOME PL Team), Czech
(Miloslav), Albanian (Laurent), Japanese (Takeshi), Dutch (Tino),
Spanish (Francisco Javier), Canadian English (Adam) and Hungarian

 NEWS: gnome-desktop-2.8.3

Version 2.8.3


	* Zuza Software Foundation (nso)
	* Elian Myftiu (sq)
	* Zuza Software Foundation (zu)

 NEWS: gnome-games-2.8.3

gnome-games 2.8.3

This is the fourth and final maintenance release of gnome-games
2.8. There are no new features, only bug fixes and translation
updates. If you are still encountering bugs with this release please
report themto the GNOME Bugzilla (, but be
aware that there will not be a 2.8.4 release. 2.10.0 will be the next
stable relase.

There is no corresponding update for gnome-games-extra-data, the 2.8.0
release is still sufficient and can be found at:

 - Fixed Helsinki and Neighbor is click-to-move mode.
 - Fix Will-o-the-Wisp to stop it making incorect moves.

 - Remove a C99ism, we should compile with gcc 2.98 again.
 - Handle missing themes better.

 - Handle missing themes better.

 - Fix a crasher in the hard AI.
 - Handle missing themes better.

 - Redraw the board properly when starting a new game.

 - Handle missing themes better.

 UPDATED: gnome-keyring-0.4.1

Changes in version 0.4.1 are:
* Support for slaving lifecycle to a file descriptor
* Translation updates

 NEWS: gnome-mag-0.11.14

What's new in gnome-mag-0.11.14:

* Fix for bug #166282; we now work properly if the source display size is
  smaller than the target display size.

What's new in gnome-mag-0.11.13:

* Fixes for #164444, #164371, #158468, #164175, #164491.

* Fixes for multi-DISPLAY and fullscreen support:
  we now accept setting target==source if not initially set equal;
  we correctly connect to source's DAMAGE events if source server isn't 
    the default GDK_DISPLAY;
  we tear down the zoom regions in the magnifier when changing source as
    well as target;
  we correctly reparent the magnifier's zoom regions _after_ redefining
    the magnifier's gtk-window;
  better lifecycle management of the zoom regions themselves, so that
    idle handlers and timeouts are removed when the regions are disposed.

 NEWS: gnome-panel-2.8.3

Version 2.8.3


	* Fix crasher when the recent documents list has changed (Vincent)
	* Fix custom .desktop files not appearing in the menu (Debian people)


	* Elian Myftiu (sq)
	* Zuza Software Foundation (zu)

 NEWS: gnome-speech-0.3.6

gnome-speech 0.3.6:

* Festival driver now supports callbacks and end-of-speech markers - thanks to
  Oana Serb of BAUM Retec.

* FreeTTS driver is less intolerant of nonstandard JAVA environments at 
  build time (Callum McKenzie).

* IBM ViaVoice driver updated to work with new Linux ViaVoice runtime
  (Marc Mulcahy)

* Critical fixes for FreeTTS 1.2 driver which could cause speech to fail

 NEWS: gnome-system-monitor-2.8.3

New in 2.8.3
* Fixed string breakage.
* Fixed segfault #160560.

 NEWS: gnome-volume-manager-1.0.3

gnome-volume-manager 1.0.3
	* Translation Updates

 NEWS: gnopernicus-0.9.19

Changes in 0.9.19
    * Improved presentation for character by character navigation.

    * Improved use of brltty.
    * Better presentation for combo-boxes which don't implement AtkText.
    * The presentation for terminals is improved.

    * Improved the focus tracking auto by the magnifier when the caret is
    * Work with multiple displays is improved when changing the source and/or 
      target screens. The changes to these values are only applied when the 
      user presses  the "Apply" or the "OK" buttons that were added to 
      the "Magnifier Options" widget.
    * Gnopernicus's help is updated thank to Irene Ryan (irene ryan sun com).

 NEWS: gok-0.11.17

What's new in GOK 0.11.17

* backport of bugfix for 159932

 NEWS: gpdf-2.8.3

Version 2.8.3

* Fix for CAN 2005-0064 (Derek Noonburg)

* Fix font encoding code for Type1C fonts and freetype > 2.1.7

Version 2.8.2

* Fix potential buffer overflow in xpdf colorspace handling code.
  (Derek Noonburg) - CAN 2004-1125

* Fix bookmarks navigation. (Martin Sjogren, Marco Pesenti Gritti) - #159937

* Show "Exit Fullscreen" button only on current workspace. (Gordon
  Ingram) - #161225

* Fix crash with broken embedded fonts. (Martin) - #161066

* Fix several crashes with mouse-over-links. (Martin) - #156784

* Translation updates: Vincent van Adrighem (nl)

 NEWS: gst-plugins-0.8.7

This is GStreamer Plugins 0.8.7

Changes since 0.8.6:
      * multichannel audio support
      * new element: apetag
      * new element: ttadec, ttaparse
      * new element: directfbvideosink
      * vcd fixes
      * playbin fixes
      * dvdread fixes
      * a52dec fixes
      * sunaudiosrc fixes
      * osssrc fixes
      * avidemux fixes
      * licensing updates

Bugs fixed since 0.8.6:
      * 147919 : [playbin] broken wav seeking
      * 148559 : [monoscope] grinds to a halt
      * 149102 : gstreamer license problems
      * 149613 : [PATCH}Add proxy server support to the musicbrainz plugin
      * 151624 : Multichannel support
      * 152339 : [PATCH]  [build] gst-plugins cross compiling
      * 154773 : [playbin] crashes trying to play short wave files (1 or 2...
      * 154775 : [qtdemux] Quicktime movie causing some weird debug spew
      * 154814 : Selection of totem crashing videos
      * 154815 : [PATCH] ffmpegcolorspace leaks caps
      * 155348 : Various MP3 files cannot be detected or played
      * 155879 : [libriff] Bug in lib-riff
      * 156798 :  " An error occured "  " Could not write to resource " this sa...
      * 157233 : [PATCH] playbin leak fixes
      * 158258 : Patch for polypsink to make it work with both threaded an...
      * 158382 : [PATCH] [build] debian speex detection patch
      * 158650 : [PATCH] [videocrop] video crop is completely buggered
      * 158704 : Fix/finish (S)VCD support
      * 159215 : [PATCH] Memory leaks in audioscale
      * 159296 : Playing benow.mp3 file cause totem to hang on EOS with de...
      * 159297 : dark.441-16-s.flac hangs on eos in totem with debug spew
      * 159301 : gstreamer.avi file plays, but have broken seeking in totem
      * 159338 : alaw/mulaw decoders caps warning
      * 159433 : [osssink] doesn't check for supported channels
      * 159512 : Progress bar with m4a (aac) broken
      * 159651 : [decodebin] totem crash
      * 159759 : DVD LCPM asserts
      * 159847 : [build] hardcoded path for musepack headers in configure
      * 159864 : avidemux sends GST_EVENT_DISCONTINUOUS
      * 159986 : [PATCH] Videorate doesn't handle seek and doesn't reset w...
      * 160276 : [PATCH] mpegdemux and dvddemux don't reset themselves in ...
      * 160439 : Can't compile gst-plugins without GCONF
      * 160514 : [avidemux] seek after EOF for truncated avi files (to non...
      * 160532 : [avidemux] avi[cvid+PCM] : no image, sound is noise
      * 160808 : 'ERROR: pipeline doesn't want to play' when using xvimage...
      * 160869 : [playbin] ogg file (theora/vorbis) causes segfault near end
      * 161039 : [PATCH] [deinterlace] rowstrides need fixing
      * 161538 : [playbin] AVI files with mp3 audio are out-of-sync in pla...
      * 161624 : [alsasink] crash at end of playing this file
      * 161980 : Volume control applet does not set value correctly.
      * 162819 : [audioscale] cleanup
      * 162913 : [mms] missing NULL terminator to g_object_set() in uri ha...
      * 162924 : [playbin] totem assertion failures when playing cd / pote...

API changes since 0.8.6:

- API additions:
* A new cdparanoia property, device, has been added.
* A new dvdnavsrc property, device, has been added.
* A new dvdreadsrc property, device, has been added.
* A new vcdsrc property, device, has been added.

- API depreciations:
* A cdparanoia property, location, has been marked for deprecation.
* A dvdnavsrc property, location, has been marked for deprecation.
* A dvdreadsrc property, location, has been marked for deprecation.
* A vcdsrc property, location, has been marked for deprecation.

 NEWS: gstreamer-0.8.9

This is GStreamer 0.8.9.

Changes since 0.8.8:

      * Probe fixes
      * Thread and queue fixes fixes
      * Documentation updates
      * Important GstBin state change fix - see #166371 if you subclass

Bugs fixed since 0.8.8:

      * 94464 : [threads] gst_scheduler_add_scheduler() doesn't ref passe...
      * 123775 : [PATCH] [api] setting state on element should force highe...
      * 142588 : [threads] if all elements have been removed from a bin, s...
      * 150546 : [api] Error for calling gst_pad_push in a get function is...
      * 162276 : [build] gstregistry.h and gstxmlregistry.c don't build wi...
      * 163234 : [PATCH] plugin loading isn't thread-safe
      * 163383 : [PATCH] ogm plugins won't register
      * 163801 : [PATCH] mem leak in xml registry loading
      * 164062 : [PATCH] tee capsnego is broken
      * 164261 : [PATCH] GST parsing doesn't recognise urls without a file...
      * 165272 : [PATCH] Problem compiling gstreamer 0.8.8
      * 165365 : [PATCH] gst_string_wrap() segfaults on NULL strings
      * 165922 : add locking in opt
      * 166269 : Typo in current .po file msgid string
      * 166362 : data discarded by probes is leaked
      * 166371 : GstBin derived classes not notified of state change

Changes since 0.8.7:

      * Threading fixes
      * Opt scheduler fixes
      * Documentation updates
      * New translation: Norwegian Bokmaal (Kjartan Maraas)
      * New translation: Italian (Luca Ferretti)
      * New scheduler: fair

Bugs fixed since 0.8.7:

      * 144804 : opt scheduler breaks on playing a pipeline
      * 148787 : clocks are not distributed correctly
      * 149936 : [PATCH] [build] GStreamer without registry support do not...
      * 150051 : fakesrc needs a data rate parameter that timestamps the d...
      * 151605 : impossible to play .mpg or avi files with gst-launch-ext
      * 153882 : [PATCH] The win32 version of gstenumtypes is not up to date
      * 154061 : optimal scheduler doesn't get freed
      * 156063 : infinite loop and 100% CPU with some MP3
      * 156179 : gstreamer typefind plugin information from gst-inspect is...
      * 157127 : Cleanup of issues reported by sparse
      * 157263 : use G_SIGNAL_TYPE_STATIC_SCOPE for GstBuffers in handoff ...
      * 158018 : gstreamer typefind stalls on these JPEG files
      * 158162 : opt deadlock
      * 158163 : [api] Problem querying on ghostpads
      * 159852 : [PATCH] [api] g_signal_emit thread safety issues
      * 160019 : segfault when error occurs playback of uri containing per...
      * 160220 : gst_pad_set_explicit_caps of a NULL caps doesn't work

API changes since 0.8.7:

- API additions:

* A new function, gst_plugin_get_version, has been added.

 NEWS: gtkhtml-3.2.5

gtkhtml-3.2.5 "Adiantum" 2005-02-14

New in this release

   * Updated translations
	fr (Christophe Merlet)
	de (Hendrik Brandt)
	pl (Artur Flinta)
	nl (Vincent van Adrighem)
	sv (Christian Rose)
	ja (Takeshi AIHANA)

 NEWS: libgtkhtml-2.6.3

Overview of Changes in gtkhtml2 2.6.3
* Fix large memory leak [Kjartan Maraas]
* Use xmlSAX2 API instead of deprecated SAXv1 API (bug #164808) [Rodney Dawes]
* Use gnome-common in [Rodney Dawes]
* Return NULL at end of non-void function (bug #165455) [Chris Lahey]
* Use g_print instead of g_warning (bug #163071) [Pawel Sawek]
* Miscellaneous bug fixes (bug #151005) [Kjartan Maraas]
* Miscellaneous bug fixes [Peter Williams]
* Miscellaneous bug fixes (bugs #143502, #156582, #157328, #157330, #160704)
  [Padraig O'Briain]

 NEWS: libgtop-2.8.3

February 13, 2005: Overview of Changes from 2.8.2 to 2.8.3
* Updated documentation.
* Fixed C99 macros.

 NEWS: libsoup-2.2.2

Changes in libsoup from 2.2.1 to 2.2.2:

	* The SSL validation fix from 2.2.1 [64414] is now completely
          fixed. (Part of the fix didn't actually make it into 2.2.1)

	* HTTPS certificate validation now works when using an HTTP
          proxy. [68583]

	* HTTP proxy code deals better with proxies that try to make
          the user do HTML-form-based authentication. [68531]

	* 64-bit fixes for NTLM auth code. [70323, from Michael

Changes from 2.2.0 to 2.2.1:

 NEWS: nautilus-cd-burner-2.8.7


Fallback to opening devices read-only on Linux 2.4 systems.

 NEWS: startup-notification-0.8


 - Support new focus stealing prevention stuff (Elijah Newren)
 - Use automake 1.7

 NEWS: ximian-connector-2.0.4

Exchange Connector 2.0.4  2005-02-14

Bugzilla bugs fixed (see

   #70730 - connector hangs on kerberos authentication attempts (Sarfraaz)
   #71432 - Don't see schedule in new meeting request dialog (Sushma)
   #70357 - Crash: Exchange calendar query hangs Evolution (glibc gives a double-free or corruption error!) (Sarfraaz)
   #68330 - Exchange now crashes on start (Sarfraaz)
   #66963 - The trash is filtered for spam (that I just deleated) when I select (and there by open) the trashdir to do an expunge (Sarfraaz)
   #71469 - Menus for Connector are not Translated to French (Sarfraaz)
   #71555 - Label setting is not being saved across sessions (Sushma)
   #70283 - All-day calendar events incorrectly show as busy (Sarfraaz)
   #70414 - Memory corruption/build-up tracking bug (Sarfraaz)
   Fixes for 64 bit support (Michael Zucchi)

Updated Translations: (Since 2.0.1)
  - bg (Alexander Shopov)
  - da (Martin Willemoes Hansen)
  - ca (Jordi Mallach)
  - hu (Laszlo Dvornik)

 NEWS: at-spi-1.6.2

What's new in at-spi-1.6.2: 

* fixes for problems at logout time (hangs, crashes)

* bugfixes for #160862, #152147.

* minor enhancements to test login-helper-server-test.

(Padraig O'Briain)

 NEWS: gail-1.8.2

Changes in GAIL 1.8.2
* Report correct parent of GailCanvasItem if atk_object_set_parent()
was called. (bug #159556)

* Correct implementation of GailClist so that seleced item in GtkCList
is reported by gnopernicus. (bug #158437)

* Report selection-changed after text insertion notification when GtkCOmbo 
is changed using arrow keys. (bug #156483)

* Report children which are column headers correctly even when they are not
visible. (bug #137222)

* Fix crash in glade when cell is GtkCList is referred to. (bug #162083)

 NEWS: gnome-vfs-2.8.4

gnome-vfs 2.8.4
    * Bugs fixed:
	+ Never return NULL on gnome_vfs_uri_extract_short_name calls
	+ sftp-method: always check for the gnome_vfs_unescape_string
	  return value
	+ sftp-method: honor the force_replace flag on moves
	+ gzip-method: correctly return GNOME_VFS_ERROR_EOF
	+ Plug some memory leaks
	+ Fix bogus warnings with later gcc versions
	+ Various translation updates

 NEWS: intltool-0.33

Version 0.33

* Fix support for srcdir != builddir during make dist/distcheck
  -- bug #159846 (Rodney Dawes)
* Ignore empty strings in XML files that are marked for translation
  -- bug #163689 (Miloslav Trmac)
* Add support for AC_CONFIG_MACRO_DIR to intltoolize
  -- bug #160943 (James Henstridge)
* Re-implement "echo -n" in perl for portability
  -- bug #162027 (Rodney Dawes)
* Fix local mode
  -- bug #163981 (Jeremy Katz)
* Fix nested XML tags translation when only attributes are marked for 
  translation in a tag
  -- bug #159511 (Danilo Segan)
* Use # as sed separator and prefix gettext variable names with INTLTOOL
  -- bug #156454 (Rodney Dawes)
* Update serial and serial comparison check for IT_PROG_INTLTOOL to 2
  (Rodney Dawes)
* Support CDATA sections in XML files
  -- bug #157718 (Danilo Segan, Rodney Dawes)

 NEWS: libart_lgpl-2.3.17

Version 2.3.17

- Updated pkg-config files (Glynn Foster)
- Distribute libart.def (Michael Meeks)
- Add link to Mathieu's tutorial on libart (Kjartan)

 NEWS: libbonobo-2.8.1

libbonobo 2.8.1

	* bug fixes
                + Fix registering server right after installing its
                  server info file (Mark McLoughlin)
                + Server search optimization (Padraig O'Briain)
                + Fix autoheader warnings (Thomas Vander Stichele)
                + Fix crash when BonoboApplication returning GValue
                  with NULL string (Gustavo)
                + Fix linking on Darwin (Hans Petter Jansson)
                + Fix problem with locale env variables (Mark, Ryan Lortie)
        * misc.
                + Documentation for bonobo:environment property (Gustavo)
                + README updated (Michael)

 NEWS: libbonoboui-2.8.1

libbonoboui 2.8.1

	* bugs fixed
                + Merged the fixes from the toolbar-rework branch
                  (Federico Mena Quintero)
                + Fix warnings when toolbars are destroyed (Federico)
                + Fix GDK interaction problem when running a control
                  in same process as the container (Gustavo)
                + Fix include of wrong i18n header files (Jonathan Blandford)
                + Don't install files from examples (Gustavo)
                + Dock item a11y fix (Kjartan Maraas)
                + More toolbar fixes (Arvind Samptur)
                + Toolbar theme rendering fixes (Benjamin Berg, JP Rosevear)
        * misc.
                + Remove redundant AC_SUBST's in  (Tomasz Kłoczko)
                + Add Bonobo component browser tool (Rodrigo Moya)
                + Deprecate pack-end behavior and add a space type for
                  separators. (Marco Pesenti Gritti)

 NEWS: libglade-2.4.2

libglade-2.4.2: 11-February-2004
        - Fix toolbar breakage from the 2.4.1 release.
        - Fix handling of GtkFileChooserDialog internal children.

 NEWS: libgnome-2.8.1

libgnome 2.8.1

What's new since 2.8.0

* Bug fixes:
	- Build fixes (Thomas Fitzsimmons, Kjartan Maraas
	  <diskman at kc rr com>)
	- Escape the app id in gconf (Anders Carlsson)
	- Handle blank real name fields in /etc/password
	  in gnome-scores.c (Callum McKenzie) Closes
	  bug #149270

* Translations:
	- Various updated translations (en_CA, fr, it, hu, ko, th)

 NEWS: libgnomeprint-2.8.2

libgnomeprint 2.8.2

Dom & Hans
	* Clean up win32 build

	* Use 'b' with fopen just to be safe
	* Set the use theme flag correctly on subsequent previews
	* Check for existence of transport before offering it
	* Don't center the preview by default


 UPDATED: libgnomeprintui-2.8.2

See above.

 NEWS: libgnomeui-2.8.1

libgnomeui 2.8.1

What's new since 2.8.0

* Bug fixes:

	- Fix crash in the file chooser (Alex Larsson)
	- Be smarter with non-local hosts in the file chooser
	  (Rodney Dawes, Federico Meña Quintero)
	- Require newer gnome-vfs (J.H.M Dassen)
	- Fix a leak in the file chooser (Christian Persch)
	- Use correct size for external thumbnailing scripts
	  (Fernando Herrera)
	- Fix compiler warnings (Kjartan)
	- Make gnome-app more robust against programmer mistakes
	  (scott at asofyet org)
	- Removed prototypes for removed functions gnome_entry_construct and
	  gnome_href_construct (J.H.M. Dassen (Ray))

* Translations:
	- Updated translations (bg de, en_CA, es, fr, it, ko, nso, zu)

 NEWS: libIDL-0.8.5

libIDL 0.8.5:

	* use modern automake rather than 1.4 (James Henstridge)
        * Fix a couple of warnings from sparse (Kjartan Maraas)
        * Fix parsing of 'const octet' (Jules Colding)

 NEWS: libxml2-2.6.17

2.6.17: Jan 16 2005:
   - build fixes: Windows, warnings removal (William Brack), 
      maintainer-clean dependency(William), build in a different directory
      (William), fixing --with-minimum configure build (William), BeOS
      build (Marcin Konicki), Python-2.4 detection (William), compilation
      on AIX (Dan McNichol)
   - bug fixes: xmlTextReaderHasAttributes (Rob Richards), xmlCtxtReadFile()
      to use the catalog(s), loop on output (William Brack), XPath memory leak,
      ID deallocation problem (Steve Shepard), debugDumpNode crash (William),
      warning not using error callback (William), xmlStopParser bug (William),
      UTF-16 with BOM on DTDs (William), namespace bug on empty elements
      in push mode (Rob Richards), line and col computations fixups (Aleksey
      Sanin), xmlURIEscape fix (William), xmlXPathErr on bad range (William),
      patterns with too many steps, bug in RNG choice optimization, line
      number sometimes missing.
   - improvements: XSD Schemas (Kasimier Buchcik), python generator (William),
      xmlUTF8Strpos speedup (William), unicode Python strings (William),
      XSD error reports (Kasimier Buchcik), Python __str__ call serialize().
   - new APIs: added xmlDictExists(), GetLineNumber and GetColumnNumber
      for the xmlReader (Aleksey Sanin), Dynamic Shared Libraries APIs
      (mostly Joel Reed), error extraction API from regexps, new XMLSave
      option for format (Phil Shafer)
   - documentation: site improvement (John Fleck), FAQ entries (William).

 NEWS: ORBit2-2.12.1

        * bug fixes
                + Fix mem leak on exception overwrite (Michael)
                + Fix demarshalling CORBA_any containing
                  null or void values (Michael)
                + IDL generation (esp. skelimpl) fixes (Jules Colding)
                + Ongoing Win32 port work (Tor Lillqvist)
                + Fix linking on Darwin (Hans Petter Jansson)

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