Evince 0.1.3


* What is it ?

Evince is a document viewer for multiple document formats like pdf, postscript,
and many others. The goal of evince is to replace the multiple document viewers 
that exist on the GNOME Desktop, like ggv, gpdf, and xpdf with a 
single simple application.


* What's changed ?

Evince   0.1.3

Code changes

        * Beginnings of continuous viewing (Jonathan)

New features

        * Support eps (Marco)
        * Support gzipped ps (Marco)

Bug fixes

        * Fix a crash with the postscript view (Marco)
        * Fix image view (Jeff Muizelaar)
        * Fix a warning when opening documents without
          thumbnails (Martin)
        * Fix crashes when searched word is not found (Marco)
        * Fix a crash when changing page with keys (Marco)

* Where can I get it ?

Source code:


It requires GNOME 2.9 libraries.

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