ANNOUNCE: bonfire-0.2 released


A new version of bonfire has just been released. The focus of this release was stability and therefore a lot of bugs, memleaks and crashers were fixed. See the complete list in the changelog. If you happen to run into a bug please, notify me so I can fix it and make a new release for 0.2.x.
The build process was also improved: gcc4 build problems should be fixed and the dependency on beagle and totem is now optional. There is a new dependency : libxml2.

The new features:
- The search pane, the playlist pane, the preview pane and inotify are now optional.
- You can now create and load projects for audio/data
- New command line options (more to come): --data --audio --project
- A filter was added for files not conforming to joliet standard
- All disc IO is now done asynchronously
- Some work has been done so the tree for data disc mimicks nautilus (some more will be done during the next release cycle)
- Some minor UI improvements

A lot of work has been done under the hood, cleaning up and restructuring the code to ease the introduction of the next set of features (in particular on the fly burning).

Philippe Rouquier

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