ANNOUNCE: Devhelp 0.11 released

Devhelp 0.11 has been released!

Devhelp is a developer tool for browsing and searching API documentation
for GTK+ and GNOME.

The most noticeable improvement in this version is the addition of
tabbed browsing and support for multiple windows.

The full list of changes:

* Tab support (based on patch from Brent Smith)
* Support for multiple windows (based on patch from Nirmal Kumar)
* Parse the new gtk-doc format (Richard)
* Reuse devhelp windows from the current workspace only (Richard)
* Sync the contents tree with the actual selection (Richard)
* Smart case searching (Ruben Vermeersch)
* Use book title + html title as window title (Tommi Komulainen)
* Improve build against various mozilla-derivates (Peter Volkov,
  Christian Persch, Robert O'Callahan)
* General UI tweaks and bug fixes (Richard, Mikael, Christian, Paolo
  Borelli, Pedro Villavicencio)
* New and updated translations: bg, cs, de, en_CA, es, fi, gl, hu, it,
  ja, nb, ne, nl, no, sk, sv, vi, zh_TW


More information about Devhelp can be found at the project web pages:

  Imendio Hackers

Imendio AB,

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