gnome-games 2.13.3

gnome-games 2.13.3

This is the latest development release of gnome-games. Most of the
work has concentrated on two games, Aisleriot and Gnometris.

 - New game from Zach Keene: King's Audience.
 - Agnes: slight rules change to make play more intuitive (callum).
 - Ctrl-O is the new menu shortcut for "Select Game" (callum).
 - Fix elevator so it works again (callum).
 - Debugging code now returns stack traces.
 - Thirteen: Change the waste layout, the two cards at the right are now
   in play rather than the end cards. Also bug fixes (callum).

 - Redo the scoring and level system. The speed increases more slowly,
   but never stops increasing. Removing multiple lines scores more and
   is a bonus if you manage to clear the entrie field. The bonus for
   using "fast-fall" have been removed (callum).
 - New option for beginners: "Show where the piece will land" (callum).

You can find it at:

 - Callum

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