Atomix 2.13.3

Hi there,

What it is

Atomix is a puzzle game in which you have to build molecules, from
simple inorganic to extremely complex organic ones, out of isolated

What's changed in 2.13.3

* Updated translations:
  - Dutch [Vincent van Adrighem]
  - Gujarati [Ankit Patel]
  - Lithuanian [Žygimantas Beručka]
  - Norwegian bokmål [Kjartan Maraas]

Huge thanks to the translators!

Where you can get it

Source code:
  md5sum: 98a8ab090528889e4f4aee8ee99d71ec
    size: 332K
  md5sum: 255cf2af6f71fe20b72d1558f4c95fa5
    size: 300K


gpastore gnome org: Guilherme de S. Pastore *

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