gnome-games 2.8.0

gnome-games 2.8.0

This is the first stable release of the 2.8 series. It should compile
happily in a GNOME 2.6 or GNOME 2.8 environment although a recent
librsvg is recommended.

You can find it at:

*** Important ***

A lot of the themes and graphics have been moved to a
new, less frequently updated, package called gnome-games-extra-data. 
You can get it from:

The main gnome-games package still contains everything you need to
play, including the default themes.


 - The backgrounds for gnometris are now set by drag and drop. You are
expected to use your own images for this, the old backgrounds are no
longer shipped as part of the gnome-games package, but can be found in
the gnome-games-extra-data package. The "Backgrounds and Emblems" menu
option from the nautilus file browser is also good place to start.

 - The more detailed SVG themes for the card games will be slow to
redraw if you change the window size on anything but a fast machine. Be 
patient. Playing the game is fine regardless of computer speed.

People who contribute to this release, in no particular order, are:

Callum McKenzie
Richard Hoelscher
Paolo Borelli
Jon McCann
Andreas Rsdal
Ryan Stutsman
Matthew V. Ball
Angela Boyle
Aaron Schlaegel
Sjoerd Langkemper
Theo van Klaveren
Bevan Collins
Rexford Newbould
Trevor Hamm

Don't forget the gnome-games webpage:

Major changes since the 2.6 series:

 - New SVG card decks for the card games.
 - New UI for selecting keyboard controls.
 - Lots of bug fixes, especially for 64-bit machines.

 - Resizeable graphics.
 - Click-to-move mode.
 - Per game help menu.
 - One and two-suit spider variations.

 - Resizeable graphics.

 - Major rewrite. New AI.

 - New AI.
 - The network code has been factored out.

 - The background is now set by drag-and-drop, you can use any images,
   tiles or colours you like. This may have issues with konqueror.
 - Sound !
 - Configurable keyboard controls.
 - A new manual.

 - New, less sucky, name: Five-or-more.

 - New default theme: postmodern.
 - New layout: ziggurat.
 - The explicit shuffle command has been removed, it is still
   available if you run out of moves.

 - Graphics tweaks.

 - Resizeable graphics.

 - You can now play using the mouse.

 - Revised UI.
 - New graphics for the dice.

 - Callum

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