GGV 2.7.99

"Đe si, ba, što ima?"

getting anxious prior to the upcoming release, the latest incarnation of
Gnome Ghostview features an brand new desktop file that lists it as
capable of displaying application/postscript mime type (Ray) and an
updated, bug-fixed version of the recent-files code (Mark).

On the your-favourite-language front, updates have been made to sl (me),
ro (Misu), nn (Åsmund), cs (Miloslav), de (Hendrik), ar (Arafat), el
(Nikos), hu (Laszlo), pt_BR (Gustavo Maciel Dias), eu (Iñaki), sv
(Christian), ru (Leonid), ca (Jordi), sq (Laurent), az (Mətin), da
(Martin), fi (Tommi), pl (Artur), zh_CN (Funda), sr&sr Latn (Danilo), uk
(Maxim), nl (Tino), ko (Changwoo), en_CA (Adam), fa (Meelad), no
(Kjartan), es (Francisco Javier), pt (Duarte), hi (Guntupalli), ja
(Takeshi) and en_GB (Gareth).

besides all those updates, Amila has added Bosnian translation (honoured
by this release's name) and Kjartan has been kind enough to provide us
with yet another norwegian dialect, Norwegian Bokmål!

available at the usual place:

have fun, 


email: jaka gnu org

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