ANNOUNCE: Liferea 0.6.1

Liferea 0.6.1

Liferea (Linux Feed Reader) is a fast, easy to use, and easy to install
GNOME news aggregator for online news feeds. It supports a number of
different feed formats including RSS/RDF, CDF, Atom, OCS, and OPML.


* Changed the handling of updated items. Previously the
  read status of updated items was set to unread. This
  was very inconvenient because of a lot of buggy feeds
  with non-unique item ids which caused continuously
  unread but unchanged items. Now an update flag is set
  and the item is shown in bold dark gray color in the
  item list. An updated item does not count in the
  unread counter anymore. 
  I hope this improves usability with broken feeds.
  (Lars Lindner)
* Finally made the condensed mode a permanent feed state.
  Just select it once and the feed you like to read in 
  this mode will stay this way until you switch it off.
  (Lars Lindner)
* Improvement to the itemlist viewing mode switching.
  Now the HTML rendering widget isn't destroyed each
  time the mode is switched but reused.
  (Lars Lindner)
* IPv6 Support. (Christoph Hohmann)
* Support for broken web-servers and proxies that use
  chunked encoding. (Alex Myltsev)
* A feed update now does not reset the item list focus
  or selection anymore. (Lars Lindner)
* Applied HIG rule for "..." in menu labels.
  (Lars Lindner)
* Changed "New Subscription" menu icon to "+" sign
  like it is in the toolbar. (Bram Senders)
* Added a Technorati link like Sage has. (Lars Lindner)
* The feed description of a subscription with a command
  as source does not show the command string anymore.
  This is to avoid showing sensitive information.
  (Lars Lindner)
* Liferea now has a global feed update interval setting.
  This setting defines the update behaviour of a feed
  for which neither you or the feed provider did define
  a feed specific update interval. There is also a new
  option in the feed properties to disable automatic
  updates of the feed. (Lars Lindner)
* Added a button in the preferences to force an update
  of all feed favicons. (Amit D. Chaudhary)


* Liferea now prevents the update of vfolders when you
  request the update of all feeds. This bug changed the
  vfolder state to unavailable. (Lars Lindner)
* Fix for a HTML layout problem where big images could
  misalign the item footer and following items.
  (Gee Law)
* Finally corrected the inverted sorting order of
  the date column. But this means that you have to
  reset the sort order of all your feeds once. Sorry
  about that! (Lars Lindner)
* The handling of the default update interval information
  of feeds was broken so the properties dialog never 
  showed the value. This is fixed now. (Lars Lindner)
* Fixed a bug on with non-blocking sockets and Solaris8.


Lars Lindner

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