Conglomerate 0.7.15

Conglomerate 0.7.15 ("Teenage Kicks") Released

Conglomerate is a free, user-friendly XML editor. It is particularly
aimed at DocBook, but should be able to handle any XML document type.

This is still an unstable release; there are still some known repeatable
crash bugs. Please download it and test that no new bugs have been

Conglomerate requires GTK+ version 2.4.0 or later

You can download it from the usual place:

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to this release; my apologies if
I missed anyone from the credits below.

Updated Translations: 
      * Canadian English (en_CA) (Adam Weinberger)
      * Czech (cs) (Miloslav Trmac)
      * British English (en_GB) (David Lodge)
        (Gareth Owen)
      * French (fr) (Mich� Garoche)
      * Greek (el) (Nikos Charonitakis)
      * Spanish (es) (Francisco Javier F. Serrador)
      * Dutch (nl) (Geert Stappers)
        (Daniel van Eeden)
      * (pt) (Duarte Loreto)
      * Russian (ru) (Dmitry G. Mastrukov)
        (Nickolay V. Shmyrev)
      * Albanian (sq) (Laurent Dhima)

New Translations: 
      * Brazilian Portugese (pt_BR) (Est�o Samuel Proc�)
        (Raphael Higino)

      * Conglomerate now has rudimentary spell-checking, using the
        enchant library. It highlights misspelt words by underlining
        them. Spell-checking can be disabled for certain elements in the
        dispspec as appropriate; for example the DocBook
        <programlisting> element disables spellchecking. (David Malcolm)
        (Jeff Martin)
      * Hybrid documents should work much better (e.g. where you embed
        fragments of one document type e.g. XHTML within another
        document type) . Conglomerate no longer needs to have a
        dispspec, and the notion of a document-level dispspec is now
        merely a default. The elements within a dispspec are now
        required to all be in the same XML namespace (or in none),
        allowing various simplifications and improvements in document
        type detection. (David Malcolm)
      * The popup menu now allows you to add arbitrary XML elements
        (David Malcolm)
        (Jeff Martin)
      * Dispspecs with namespaces now store typical prefix strings for
        those namespaces, so that when Conglomerate needs to
        autogenerate a namespace, it can name it something sane like
        "xhtml" or "xsl" as appropriate. (David Malcolm)
      * Added internal hooks for stylesheet parameters; added callbacks
        to create option widgets for exporters and importers; added
        dummy Paper Size options for the PDF and XSL:FO exporters (David
      * "Unknown elements" in the main editor view now have disclosure
        triangles for their children; improvements and simplifications
        to the layout code of the main editor widget (Nickolay V.
      * Namespace URIs and attributes now appear in the main editing
        view for unknown elements. (David Malcolm)
      * Added support for CDATA sections, generalising text editing code
        where necessary to support these (and some comment editing
        support where it seemed appropriate) (David Malcolm)
      * The status bar now shows the XPath of the selected node (David
      * Attribute editing now supports NMTOKEN attributes. (Douglas
      * Improvements to the parser error dialog: it now uses
        selection/single-click rather than double-click for moving
        between the parser errors, and highlight the line containing the
        error when an error is selected. (David Malcolm)
      * Newly-created documents have their source cleaned, rather than
        appearing on a single line. Various infrastructure improvements
        towards the ultimate goal of having Conglomerate autodetect the
        whitespace settings of a document and making fresh edits conform
        to it. (David Malcolm)
      * Improvements to feedback and error-handling of transform dialogs
        (Douglas Burke)
      * Gained a big speedup by disabling some overzealous internal
        self-testing. (David Malcolm)

      * Ported to the GtkUIManager API (David Malcolm)
        (Douglas Burke)
      * Dispspec files should now be set up for translation (Nickolay V.
      * Ask for confirmation when replacing an existing file bug #
        154844 (Nickolay V. Shmyrev)
      * Various improvements to the API documentation (Nickolay V.
      * Fixes to use URIs rather than paths in more places, partially
        fixing bug # 145422 ; improvements to command-line parsing.
        (Nickolay V. Shmyrev)
      * Enumerations are now edited using GtkComboBox rather than
        GtkOptionMenu, and are now set to the attribute value on
        creation, rather than being left at "(unspecified)" (if the
        attribute is actually set). Various other GtkOptionMenus ported
        to GtkComboBox. (Douglas Burke)
      * Fixes for newline characters in when in a whitespace-preserving
        element (part of bug # 108404 ) (Douglas Burke)
      * Fix to namespace handling within the Random Document plugin (
        bug # 153358 ) (David Malcolm)
      * Added hacks to ensure that Glade and XSL files appear in file
        chooser (David Malcolm)
      * Ensure new DocBook files are valid ( bug # 149307 bug # 149305
        bug # 148117 ) (Geert Stappers)
      * The node-properties dialog window now displays the properties of
        the parent node if sent a CONG_NODE_TYPE_TEXT node. This is to
        allow editing the attributes of nodes marked as span by the
        display specification for the document type. (Douglas Burke)
      * Edit->Preferences dialog now closes properly (Keith Sharp)
        ; a crash bug has been fixed, and now has a Plugins tab. The
        dispspec list has been changed from a two-column
        name/description list to a single column with the titles
        presented in a different style. (David Malcolm)
      * Removed the experimental FO code since it never worked. (David
      * The Dialog of Doom that appears when bug # 124507 is about to
        bite you now only appears once per document, rather than
        continuously popping up as the error recurs. (David Malcolm)
      * Improvement to validation dialog: the icon used when there is an
        error is now different than when the document validates.
        (Douglas Burke)
      * Fix to Conglomerate's desktop file bug # 151845 (Stephane
      * Various other fixes and cleanups (removal of dead code, fixes
        for various memory leaks, i18n work, improvements to the example
        files, fixes to the dispspec DTD and to some dispspecs etc).
        (David Malcolm)
        (Geert Stappers)
        (Jeff Martin)
        (Michele Garoche)
        (Douglas Burke)
        (Nickolay V. Shmyrev)


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