NetworkManager 0.3.1

NetworkManager 0.3.1 has been released.



This is the first public release of NetworkManager.  It is still early
in the development stage but is usable.  There are versions for Debian,
Fedora, Gentoo and Slackware.  It should be easy to port it to any
desktop that runs HAL.


NetworkManager makes your Linux desktop's network go VROOM!!!

It serves as a network policy manager for the HAL-ized
stack.  It will automatically establish wired and wireless connections,
manage wireless keys, and provides developers with a high-level DBus API
for controlling networking.

The watchwords for NetworkManager are "Just Works(TM)":

 * Unplug from wired connections and stand in Amazement as it finds your
   favorite wireless network!

 * Painlessly switch between wireless networks!

 * Tremor Awestruck as you plug in a new wireless card and behold its
   miraculous appearance on your desktop!


More information about NetworkManager can be found at its homepage:

There is also a mailing list.

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