ANNOUNCE: GNOME-Fx 0.10.0 "A GNOME theme for Firefox"

GNOME-Fx 0.10.0

GNOME-Fx is a theme for Mozilla Firefox which tries to make Firefox look
like a native GNOME application. GNOME-Fx is intented to blend in well
with the default GNOME theme. GNOME-Fx (blue) is a slight variation
which uses the blue instead of the green GTK theme.


This is the initial release of GNOME-Fx.
If you have any improvements (better icons/ new icons etc) or comments please send them to the gnomefx mailinglist. See

GNOME-Fx versioning follows the versioning scheme of Firefox. So the
first two numbers of the GNOME-Fx version indicate for which version of
Firefox the theme is.

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