Goobox 0.1.0


this is the announcement of the first public version of Goobox.  

Goobox is a CD player and ripper for the Gnome Desktop environment, it
uses gstreamer to play and rip CDs and cddb-slave2 (distributed with
gnome-media) to get and edit CD metadata such as track titles and album

The dependencies are:
  gtk+ 2.4.x
  libgnome[ui] 2.6.x
  libbonobo 2.6.x
  gnome-vfs 2.6.0
  libglade 2.4.x
  gstreamer 0.8.x
  gnome-media 2.8.x

  gstreamer plugins:
    cdparanoia: used to play CDs
    vorbisenc, flacenc, lame, wavenc: at least one of this to rip CDs.

You can download it from here:

(There is no Home Page)

I hope you like it,


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