New LGPL font available: Essays 1743 0.2

I've just released another font under the LGPL: Essays 1743.  It's based
on the typeface from a 1743 English translation of the essays of
Montaigne; so, broadly speaking, it looks old without being so old it's
hard to read.  If you've read any of Neal Stephenson's last three books,
you've seen such a font.

Available in TrueType and PostScript (though I haven't tried the PS
version yet).  Currently labelled 0.2, but it's got pretty much all the
characters I can feasibly add (I don't have a source for 18th-century
Greek printing...), so I don't expect it to change much before 1.0.

I intend to do an italic version of this font next; the book I'm working
from has plenty of italics.

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