Silky 0.5.2 has been released!

Silky 0.5.2 has been released!

 Silky is a secure chat client for Gtk2.

Getting Silky:
 * Supported packages are available from Debian, Gentoo and Fedora Extras repositories.
 * Source tarball is available from

 Please report all bugs directly to Silky's bug tracker at our website.
 Also note that we've tested this release only on Linux. The Windows version will
 appear shortly to the website without separate notice.

 Other operating systems are not officially supported, but please let us know about
 possible problems.

Changes briefly since the previous version:

 * better handling of nicklists when disconnecting
 * added Gtk2.2 compatibility
 * added a timeout handling for server connection
 * realname is not set correctly
 * new GETKEY command
 * lots of code cleanup
 * many bugfixes, hopefully all crashers have been fixed
 * server list is now editable
 * nicklist is being automatically sorted
 * fixed text autoscrolling
 * now you can scroll up/down by using PgUp/PgDown keys
 * nicklist background color has been fixed
 * building Silky from sources now requires a SILC Toolkit with pkg-config patch

 Read the full changelog from here:

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